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Adult Fiction

Title Author Price
Emma Austen, Jane $8.00
Love and Friendship Austen, Jane $11.00
The Complete Novels of Jane Austen Austen, Jane $15.00
The Annotated Mansfield Park Austen, Jane $18.00
Northhanger Abbey Austen, Jane $8.00
Before I Knew Beck, Jamie $13.00
The Trick Bergmann, E. $26.00
The Heart’s Invisible Furies Boyne, John $28.00
Clade Bradley, James $15.00
Origin Brown, Dan $30.00
The Beloved Christmas Quilt Brunstetter, Wanda E. $16.00
Good Earth (GRAPHIC) Buck, Pearl $27.00
Wish You Were Here Carlino, Renee $16.00
Enigma Coulter, C. $28.00
The Romanov Ransom Cussler, Clive $29.00
The Address Davis, Fiona $26.00
Phasma Dawson,  Delilah $29.00
The Locals Dee, Jonathan $28.00
The Cuban Affair Demille, Nelson $29.00
Manhattan Beach Egan, Jennifer $28.00
Fresh Complaint Eugenides, J. $27.00
Dark Legacy Feehan, C. $27.00
Tender is the Night Fitzgerald, F.S. $9.00
A Column of Fire Follett, Ken $36.00
Love and Other Consolation Prizes Ford, Jamie $28.00
All the Little Children Furniss, Jo $15.00
Seven Stones to Stand or Fall Gabaldon, Diana $30.00
Wicked Deeds Graham, H. $27.00
Standard Deviation Heiny, Katherine $26.00
Winter Solstice Hilderbrand, Elin $26.00
The Rules of Magic Hoffman, Alice $28.00
The Other Alcott Hooper, Elise $16.00
Him, Me, Muhammad Ali Jarrar, Randa $16.00
To Be Where You Are Karon, Jan $28.00
Sleeping Beauties King, Stephen $33.00
No Place I’d Rather Be Lamb, Cathy $15.00
Good Me, Bad Me Land, Ali $26.00
Woman No. 17 Lepucki, Edan $26.00
A Legacy of Spies LeCarre, John $28.00
P.S. From Paris Levy, Marc $15.00
Dark Chapter Li, Winnie $26.00
Merry and Bright Macomber, D $20.00
Solar Bones McCormack, M. $25.00
The Unquiet Grave McCrumb, S. $26.00
The Ninth Hour McDermott, A. $26.00
The Burning Girl Messud, Claire $26.00
Holly and Ivy Michaels, Fern $23.00
A Snow Country Christmas Miller, Linda Lael $18.00
The Boat Runner Murphy, Devin $16.00
Little Fires Everywhere Ng, Celeste $27.00
Where the Sweet Bird Sings Olsen, Ella Joy $15.00
Children of the Fleet Card, Orson S. $26.00
Haunted Patterson, James $28.00
Mrs. Fletcher Perrotta, Tom $26.00
After On: A Novel of Silicon Valley Reid, Rob $28.00
Best Day Ever Rouda, Kaira $27.00
The Golden House Rushdie, Salman $29.00
Rule of Law Singer, Randy $17.00
Sourdough Sloan, Robin $26.00
The Promise of Dawn Snelling, L. $16.00
Fairytale Steel, Danielle $29.00
The Judgment of Richard Richter Stiks, Igor $15.00
My Absolute Darling Tallent, Gabriel $27.00
An Irish Country Practice Taylor, Patrick $26.00
A Conspiracy  in Belgravia Thomas, Sherry $15.00
Sing, Unburied, Sing Ward, Jesmyn $26.00
Misadventures of a City Girl Wild, Meredith $20.00
What the Hell Did I Just Read Wong, David $27.00
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Large Print Fiction

Title Author Price
Kneaded to death Archer , Winnie $31.00
Origin Brown, Dan $32.00
Seeing Red Brown, Sandra $29.00
The Templars : the Rise and Spectacular Fall of God’s Holy Warriors Jones, Dan $32.00
Every other Wednesday Kietzman, Susan $31.00
The Store Patterson, James $29.00
Glass Houses Penny, Louise $35.00
The Ministry of Utmost happiness Roy, Arundhati $31.00
Map of the Heart Wiggs, Susan $26.00
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Title Author Price
The Witches Tree Beaton, M.C. $26.00
Dead Woman Walking Bolton, Sharon $26.00
Missing Persons Brandman, M. $27.00
Don’t Let Go Coben, Harlan $28.00
Keep Her Safe Hannah, Sophie $27.00
Sleep Like a Baby Harris, Charlaine $26.00
Ghost on the Case Hart, Carolyn $26.00
The Western Star Johnson, Craig $28.00
Sulfur Springs Krueger, W.K. $26.00
A Stranger in the House Lapena, Shari $26.00
The Paris Spy MacNeal, Susan $26.00
An Echo of Murder Perry, Anne $28.00
Exposed Scottoline, Lisa $28.00
A Casualty of War Todd, Charles $27.00
Nothing Stays Buried Tracy, P.J. $27.00
Emma in the Night Walker, Wendy $27.00
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Adult Nonfiction


Title Author Price
Loyal Ascher-Walsh, R. $15.00
Saving Sadie Dauer, Joal D. $16.00
Pets on the Couch Dodman, N. H. $16.00
The Age of the Horse Forrest, Susanna $27.00
Finding Gobi Leonard, Dion $17.00
The Ultimate Pet Health Guiden Richter, Gary $23.00
The Dogs of Avalon Schenone, Laura $27.00

Business and Economics

Title Author Price
Finish Acuff, Jon $27.00
The Innovation Blind Spot Baird, Ross $27.00
The Millennial Money Fix Boneparth, D.A $16.00
The Emigrant Edge Buffini, Brian $26.00

Craft & Hobbies

Title Author Price
Floret Farm’s Cut Flower Garden Benzakein, Erin $30.00
The Big Book of Makerspace Projects Graves, Colleen $20.00
Colored Pencil on Copper Jewelry O’Brien, Roxan $20.00
How Not to Kill Your Houseplant Peerless, V. $15.00
Literary Yarns Wang, Cindy $15.00
So Close to Amazing Wood, Karianne $18.00
The Art of Spray Paint Zimmer, Lori $25.00


Title Author Price
Half Baked Harvest Cookbook Gerard, Tieghan $30.00
Salt, Fat, Acid, Heat Nosrat, Samin $35.00
What She Ate Shapiro, Laura $27.00
Ready or Not! Tam, Michelle $35.00
Fermentation on Wheels Whitsitt, Tara $27.00
Signs & Seasons Zerner, Amy $33.00

History, Military & Politics

Title Author Price
Fantasyland Andersen, Kurt $30.00
White Rage Anderson, Carol $17.00
Tasting Freedom Biddle, D. R. $20.00
Shooting Ghosts Brennan, T. J. $27.00
The Last Fighter Pilot Brown, Don $26.00
We Were Eight Years in Power Coates, Ta-Nehisi $28.00
One nation after Trump Dionne Jr , E.J $26.00
The New York Times Book of Crime Edited by: Flynn, Kevin $27.00
The World Broke in Two Goldstein, Bill $30.00
The Miracle of Dunkirk Lord, Walter $17.00
One Long Night Pitzer, Andrea $30.00
iGen Twenge, J. M. $27.00
The Vietnam War Ward, G. C. $35.00


Title Author Price
250 Questions for Starting a Nonprofit Stephens, M. $17.00


Title Author Price
Calling a Wolf a Wolf Akbar, Kaveh $17.00
Depression & Other Magic Tricks Benaim, Sabrina $16.00
The New Testament Brown, Jericho $17.00
Catalog of Unabashed Gratitude Gay, Ross $16.00
Where Now Kasischke, Laura $30.00
The Sun and Her Flowers Kaur, Rupi $17.00
Mezzanines Olzmann, M. $16.00

Science, Health & Technology

Title Author Price
The End of Alzheimer’s Bredesen, Dale E., M.D. $27.00
Little Soldiers Chu, Lenora $28.00
Arithmetie Lockhart, Paul $23.00
Bugged MacNeal, David $26.00
Hit Refresh Nadella, Satya $30.00
The Old Farmer’s Almanac 2018 Old Farmer’s Almanac $10.00
Evolution of Beauty Prum, Richard O. $30.00
Blood, Sweat, and Pixels Schreier, Jason $16.00
The Estrogen Fix Seibel, Mache, M.D. $16.00
Life 3.0 Tegmark, Max $28.00
Significant Zero Williams, Walt $26.00
Tides: The Science and Spirit of the Ocean White,  Jonathan $28.00

Self Help & Inspiration

Title Author Price
Raising the Bottom Boucher, Lisa $17.00
Braving the Wilderness Brown, Brene, Ph.D. $28.00
Claim Your Power Kipp, Mastin $25.00
When Violence Is the Answer Larkin, Tim $28.00
Anxious for Nothing Lucado, Max $23.00
How to Fight Nhat Hanh, Thich $10.00
The Four Tendencies Rubin, Gretchen $24.00
Real Love Salzberg, Sharon $25.00
Dear Fahrenheit 451 Spence,  Annie $20.00


The New York Times Story of the Yankees Anderson, Dave $20.00
The TB12 Method Brady, Tom $30.00
Bicycling Maximum Overload for Cyclists Devore, Jacques $18.00
What Made Maddy Run Fagan, Kate $27.00
The Arena Kohan, Rafi $28.00
Smart Baseball Law, Keith $28.00
Above the Line Meyer, Urban $17.00
Drive for Five Price, C. $28.00
The Pride of the Yankees Sandomir, R. $27.00

Test Prep & Study Guides

Title Author Price
Ted Talks Anderson, Chris $16.00
EMT Emergency Medical Technician Crash Course Coughlin, Christopher $18.00
3D Printing for Dummies Horne, Richard $30.00
LSAT Preptests 62-71 Unlocked Kaplan $35.00
Kaplan Asvab Premier 2017-2018 Kaplan $30.00
2016/2017 ASVAB for Dummies Powers, Rod $30.00

Travel, Photography & Music

Title Author Price
Lighthouses of America Beard, Tom $20.00
Manga Art Crilley, Mark $23.00
Morton F. Plant and the Connecticut Shoreline MacDonald, Gail B. $22.00
Advancing Your Photography Silber, Marc $20.00


Title Author Price
Spoiler Alert Ausiello, Michael $26.00
Recovery Brand, Russell $27.00
Going Into Town Chast, Roz $28.00
Pablo Escobar My Father Escobar, Juan Pablo $17.00
Carry on Fenn, Lisa $16.00
Blindsided Ferraro, James L. $28.00
Ants Among Elephants Gidla, Sujatha $28.00
Bunny Mellon the Life of an American Style Legend Gordon, Meryl $28.00
Wild Things Handy, Bruce $26.00
Notes on a Foreign Country Hansen, Suzy $26.00
Endurance Kelly, Scott $30.00
Quotable Wisdom Obama, Barack $10.00
Last Castle Kiernan, Denise $28.00
Autumn Knausgaard, Karl Ove $27.00
Reading With Patrick Kuo, Michelle $27.00
The Enlightened Mr. Parkinson Lewis, Cherry $28.00
Mistakes Were Made (Some in French) Lewis, Fiona $27.00
Thanks Obama Litt, David $28.00
Sargent’s Women Lucey, Donna M. $30.00
Real American Lythcott-Haims, Julie $27.00
Autobiography of Gucci Mane Mane, Gucci $27.00
Remembering Diana National        Geographic $30.00
The Kardashians Oppenheimer, Jerry $28.00
The Sky Below Parazynski, Scott $25.00
Manderley Forever Rosnay, Tatiana de $28.00
The Bettencourt Affair Sancton, Tom $28.00
It Takes Two Scott, Jonathan $27.00
Taking Aim Shockey, Eva $25.00
So Much Things to Say Steffens, Roger $30.00

Adult Spanish Titles

Title Author Price
La casa de los espiritus Allende, Isabel  $16.00
Inés del alma mía Allende, Isabel  $16.00
De amor y de sombra Allende, Isabel  $16.00
Cuentos de Eva Luna Allende, Isabel  $16.00
Mi país inventado Allende, Isabel  $16.00
La suma de los días Allende, Isabel  $16.00
Manual para mujeres de la limpieza Berlin, Lucia  $20.00
El oficio del mal Galbraith, Robert  $24.00
Reciclaje creativo Gallo, Maria Pillar  $18.00
La quinta estación Jemisin, N.K  $26.00
El psicoanalista Katzenbach, John  $16.00
Todo Oscuro sin Estrellas King, Stephen  $12.00
La cupula (coming soon) King, Stephen  $20.00
11/22/63 King, Stephen  $18.00
La pareja de al lado Lapena, Shari  $20.00
Quilts Orduna, Anna  $18.00
Scrapbooking Padilla, Maria  $18.00
Punto Pampliega, V.  $18.00
Patchwork Pampliega, V.  $18.00
Los diarios de Emilio Renzi Piglia, Ricardo  $28.00
El amor puede fallar Quick, Matthew  $20.00
Barack Obama en sus propias palabras Rogak, Lisa $16.00
Todo esto te dare Redondo, Dolores  $21.95
Barack Obama en sus propias palabras Rogak, Lisa  $15.99
Su nombre era Dolores Salgado, Pete  $15.99
Bolsos de ganchillo con lana y trapillo Serrano, Inge  $17.95
Talentos ocultos Shetterly, Margot  $16.99
Solo nosotros dos Sparks, Nicholas  $19.95
La tía Julia y el escribidor Vargas Llosa, M.  $12.95
Cinco esquinas Vargas Llosa, M.  $19.95
La ciudad y los perros Vargas Llosa, M.  $12.95
La fiesta del chivo Vargas Llosa, M.  $12.95
Travesuras de la niña mala Vargas Llosa, M.  $11.95
No todo esta olvidado Walker, Wendy  $18.95

Young Adult Fiction

Title Author Price
Solo Alexander, Kwame $18.00
Landscape with Invisible Hand Anderson, M.T. $17.00
The True Confessions of Charlotte Doyle Avi $7.00
Wonder Woman Warbringer Bardugo, Leigh $19.00
The Silver Mask Black, Holly $18.00
Forever… Blume, Judy $11.00
For Freedom: The Story of A French Spy Bradley, Kimberly $6.00
Into the Bright Unknown Carson, Rae $18.00
Turtles All the Way Down Green, John $20.00
The Last True Love Story Kiely, Brendan $18.00
Every Day Levithan, David $10.00
Ramona Blue Murphy, Julie $18.00
Release Ness, Patrick $18.00
Animal Farm Orwell, George $21.00
Crazy House Patterson, James $18.00
You Bring the Distant Near Perkins, Mitali $18.00
Fangirl Rowell, Rainbow $19.00
The Alex Crow Smith, Andrew $11.00
All the Crooked Saints Stiefvater, Maggie $19.00

Young Adult Nonfiction

Title Author Price
Project You Andrus, Aubre $15.00
A Dog in the Cave Frydenborg, Kay $19.00
Being Jazz: My Life as a (Transgender) Teen Jennings, Jazz $11.00
Going Blue Kaye, Cathryn B. $15.00
Girl Rising: Changing the World One Girl at a Time Stone, Tanya Lee $23.00

Young Adult Graphic Novels

Title Author Price
In Real Life Doctorow, Cory $18.00
Legend Lu, Marie $15.00
Nothing Can Possibly Go Wrong Shen, Prudence $18.00
Batgirl 1: Batgirl of Burnside Stewart, Cameron $25.00

Young Adult Spanish

Title Author Price
Memorias Del Aguila Y Del Jaguar Allende, Isabel $20.00
Contra las Estrellas Gray, Claudia $19.00
Baldosas Amarillas en Guerra Paige, Danielle $19.00
No es Invisible Sedgwick, Marcus $15.00
Hasta la Ultima Palabra Stone, Tamara I. $21.00

Picture Books

Title Author Price
Iggy Peck, Architect Beaty, Andrea $18.00
I Ain’t Gonna Paint No More! Beaumont, Karen $18.00
Monster’s New Undies Berger, Samantha $17.00
Rootin’ Tootin’ Racetrack! Berrios, Frank $5.00
Why Am I Me? Britt, Paige $18.00
Monkey Not Ready for Bedtime Brown, Marc Tolon $17.00
Babar the King Brunhoff, Jean de $19.00
Peppa Pig and the Backyard Circus Candlewick Press $13.00
Little Pig Saves the Ship Costello, David H. $15.00
Super Red Riding Hood Davila, Claudia $17.00
Olivia and the Fairy Princesses Falconer, Ian $19.00
Chugga Chugga Choo Choo Garcia, Emma $15.00
Lucia the Luchadora Garza, Cynthia L. $17.00
Short Stories for Little Monsters Gay, Marie-Louise $20.00
Sally Goes to the Beach Huneck, Stephen $19.00
I Just Want to Say Good Night Isadora, Rachel $18.00
Pinkalicious Kann, Victoria $18.00
My Lucky Day Kasza, Keiko $15.00
The Imaginary Okapi Katschke, Judy $5.00
Stay Klise, Kate $18.00
Leo the Late Bloomer Kraus, Robert $16.00
The Story of Ferdinand Leaf, Munro $14.00
Imagine Lennon, John $19.00
Pirates Don’t Change Diapers Long, Melinda $18.00
Someone Like Me MacLachlan, P. $17.00
Mine Mack, Jeff $17.00
My Trip to the Science Museum Mayer, Mercer $13 00
Flossie and the Fox McKissack, Pat $18.00
Superhero ABC McLeod, Bob $18.00
I Promise McPhail, David $17.00
The Paper Bag Princess Munsch, Robert N. $16.00
Fancy Nancy Spleniferous Christmas O’Connor, Jane $18.00
There’s Nothing to Do! Petty, Dev $17.00
A Different Pond Phi, Bao $16.00
The Watermelon Seed Pizzoli, Greg $17.00
Remembering Vera Polacco, Patricia $18.00
Uni the Unicorn Rosenthal, Amy K. $18.00
I Want a Friend! Ross, Tony $18.00
Life Rylant, Cynthia $18.00
The Frozen Monster Schmidt, Rebecca $5.00
No, David! Shannon, David $18.00
I’m the Best Artist in the Ocean! Sherry, Kevin $17.00
Robinson Sis, Peter $18.00
The Amazing Adventures of Bumblee Boy Soman, David $17.00
Ladybug Girl and the Bug Squad Soman, David $17.00
Ice Boy Stein, David Ezra $16.00
The Monster at the End of This Book Stone, Jon $14.00
What Will Fat Cat Sit On? Thomas, Jan $13.00
Apple Farmer Annie Wellington, Monica $16.00
Bear Feels Sick Wilson, Karma $18.00
On Duck Pond Yolen, Jane $16.00
How Do Dinosaurs Say Happy Chanukah? Yolen, Jane $17.00
Digger Man Zimmerman, Andrea $18.00

Juvenile Fiction

Title Author Price
The Handbook Benton, Jim $13.00
Funny Girl: Funniest Stories Ever Bird, Betsy $17.00
Doll Bones Black, Holly $8.00
Quests for Glory Chainani, Soman $18.00
Love That Dog Creech, Sharon $7.00
Matilda Dahl, Roald $8.00
Mercy Watson: Something Wonky This Way Comes DiCamillo, Kate $6.00
Slider Hautman, Pete $17.00
Freddie Ramos Rules New York Jules, Jacqueline $5.00
Diary of a Wimpy Kid: Rodrick Rules Kinney, Jeff $14.00
Missy Piggle-Wiggle and the Won’t-Walk-the-Dog Cure Martin, Ann M. $17.00
Lulu and the Hamster in the Night McKay, Hilary $5.00
Predator vs. Prey McMann, Lisa $17.00
Amelia Bedelila Means Business Parish, Herman $6.00
The Ship of the Dead Riordan, Rick $20.00
Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban Rowling, J.K. $35.00
Dork Diaries: Tales from a Not-so-Graceful Ice Princess Russell, Rachel R. $14.00
 Lumberjanes: Unicorn Power  Tamaki, Mariko  $15 00
Two Catch a Thief Watson, Tom $13.00
Katana at Super Hero High Yee, Lisa $14.00

Juvenile Nonfiction

Title Author Price
Martin Luther King Jr. Day Bailey, R.J. $26.00
Kitty’s Guide to Caring for Your Cat Ganeri, Anita $9.00
Writing Radar Gantos, Jack $18.00
This is How We Do It Lamothe, Matt $18.00
Motor Girls Macy, Sue $19.00
The Feelings Book Madison, Lynda $10.00
Noah Webster’s Fighting Words Maurer, Tracy  N. $20.00
What Was the Underground Railroad? McDonough, Yona $6.00
Guy Stuff: the Body Book for Boys Natterson, Cara $13.00
What Were the Twin Towers? O’Connor, Jim $6.00
Who Was Dr. Seuss? Pascal, Janet B. $6.00
Ripley’s Fun Facts & Silly Stories Ripleys Believe It or Not $9.00
See What We Eat! Ritchie, Scot $17.00
How to Be an Elephant Roy, Katherine $19.00
The Music of Life Rusch, Elizabeth $18.00
Beauty and the Beast Rylant, Cynthia $17.00
Simone Manuel Scheff, Matt $28.00
Ada Lovelace Stanley, Diane $18.00
Get Coding! Young Rewired State $13.00

Beginning Reader

Title Author Price
I Spy Fly Guy! Arnold, Tedd $7.00
Curious George Gymnastics Fun Bernstein, Leora $13.00
Pete the Cat and the Tip-Top Tree House Dean, James $4.00
Danny and the Dinosaur and the Girl Next Door Hoff, Syd $17.00
Thomas and the Jet Engine Hooke, R. Schuyler $4.00
JoJo and Daddy Bake a Cake O’Connor, Jane $4.00
Amelia Bedelia Hits the Trail Parish, Herman $4.00
Axel the Truck: Rocky Road Riley, J.D. $4.00
Follow Me, Mitens Schaefer, Lola M. $4.00
Green Eggs and Ham Seuss, Dr. $10.00
Should I Share My Ice Cream? Willems, Mo $10.00

Juvenile Graphic Novel

Title Author Price
The Baby-Sitters Club: Dawn the Impossible Three Galligan, Gale $11.00
Babymouse: Our Hero Holm, Jennifer $7.00
Swing It, Sunny Holm, Jennifer $13.00
Big Nate Makes the Grade Peirce, Lincoln $10 00
Secret Coders: Robots & Repeats Yang, Gene Luen $11.00

Board Books

Title Author Price
1-2-3 Peas Baker, Keith $8.00
Little Pookie Boynton, Sandra $6.00
Nobunny’s Perfect Dewdney, Anna $7.00
Flora and the Ostrich Idle, Molly $10.00
Where is Baby’s Christmas Present? Katz, Karen $13.00
Baby Faces Miller, Margaret $5.00
It’s My Birthday Oxenbury, Helen $9.00
Tickle Patricelli, Leslie $7.00
Hello, Bugs! Prasadam-Halls, S. $7.00
My Big Animal Book Priddy Bicknell Books $8.00
Babies Around the World Puck $8.00

Spanish Juvenile Fiction

Title Author Price
Eva y Beba y el Ffantasma del Bano de Chicas Barrows, Annie $15.00
Los Watson van a Birmingham – 1963 Curtis, Christopher Paul $13 .00
Diario de una Lechuza: Una Boda en el Bosque Elliott, Rebecca $5.00
Desastre & Total Pastis, Stephan $17 .00
Pax: Una Historia de Paz y Amistad Pennypacker, Sara $17 .00
Animales Fantasticos Rowling, J.K. $21 .00
Dani Bocafuego: La Cueva del Murcielago Gigante Vernon, Ursula $20 .00

Spanish Beginning Readers

Title Author Price
Hombre Mosca y Frankenmosca Arnold, Tedd $4 .00
Bizcocho Capucilli, Alyssa S. $5.00
La Vaca Sara, Campesina Traini, Agostino $8.00
Tienes un Pajaro en la Cabeza! Willems, Mo $10 .00

Spanish Picture Books

Title Author Price
Pio Peep!: Traditional Spanish Nursery Rhymes Ada, Alma Flor $16 .00
Clifford va a Kindergarten Bridwell, Norman $4.00
Ella Persistio: 13 Mujeres Americanas Que Cambiaron el Mundo (Coming Oct 24) Clinton, Chelsea $18 .00
El Lobo no nos Mordera! Gravett, Emily $13 .00
¿Has Llenado una Cubeta Hoy? McCloud, Carol $10 .00

Spanish Board Books

Title Author Price
El Libro que Duerme Ramadier, Cedric $20.00
Goodnight Moon/Buenas Noches, Luna Brown, Margaret Wise $9.00
My Very First Book of Shapes/Mi Primer Libro de Figuras Carle, Eric $6.00
Five Little Monkeys Sitting in a Tree/Cinco Monitos Subidos a un arbol Christelow, E. $8.00
Como Dormir a tu Leon Clarke, Jane $12 .00
El Pez Pucheros Diesen, Deborah $9.00
Las Fresas son Rojas Horacek, Petr $6.00
Boo!/Bu! Patricelli, leslie $7.00
I Love My Daddy Because… / Quiero a Mi Papa Porque… Porter-Gaylord, Laurel $7.00
Curious George and the Bunny/Jorge el Curioso y Conejito Rey, H.A. $7.00

Juvenile DVD

Title Price
Pokemon, the movie. 19, Volcanion and the mechanical marvel $15.00
Dc Super Hero Girls: Intergalactic Games/Dc Super Hero Girls: Hero of the Year $15.00

Adult DVD

Title Price
Victoria (Television Program) Season one $15.00
Spider-Man: Homecoming $15.00
The House $15.00

Audio Book

Title Price
Drive time. French. Beginner level :On-ramp to French $22.00
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