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Computers, Wi-Fi, and Faxes

Need to check your email?  Finish a report?  Print out a resume?

The Public Library of New London can meet all of your computing needs.


We have:

  • 25 public access computers that can be accessed free of charge.
    • 2 computers for job searches and job related activities.
    • 2 computers for Non-Profit Grant Database searches.
  • Free Wi-Fi accessible throughout the building.
  • Black and white or color printing from any of our computers.
  • Wireless Printing from your laptop or mobile device
  • A scanner.
  • A fax machine.
  • A black and white or color copier


Printing: $.15 a page for black and white, $.35 a page for color.

Copies: $.15 a page for black and white, $.35 a page for color.
11X17  – $.30 b&w, $.70 color

Faxes: $1.00 per page

Internet Usage Policies:

The Public Library of New London offers to the public the resources of the Internet, including the World Wide Web and e-mail functions.  These services provide our patrons with the latest technology in order to meet their informational needs.  In order to manage these resources in a manner that will maximize the public’s satisfaction with this service, we request compliance with the following rules and procedures.  Misuse or abuse of the Internet technology and/or these rules and procedures will result in the suspension of Internet privileges.

I.             Internet users must have a valid Library card.  Please present your card to the librarian at the Information Desk.  Exceptions may be considered for visitors to the community.

II.            Parents or guardians of patrons under the age of 18 are advised that computers at the library do not filter internet content.  Parents/guardians are required to acknowledge and accept the following terms in order for a child to receive a library card.  A library card is required to use the library computers.

“The Public Library of New London does not provide filtered internet access.  I acknowledge that it is my responsibility to limit or allow my child’s use of electronic resources including the internet at the library.”

III.           Users must sign up for Internet use at the Information Desk.  Internet use is limited to 30-minute blocks; the maximum amount of time per day per patron is one and one-half hours.

IV.           The cost of printing is $0.15 per page.  They will be charged for every copy they print, so they should use discretion when printing and select printing options carefully.

V.            Library staff time to train patrons in the use of basic computer functions is limited; therefore, patrons should have basic computer skills.  The Library has computer manuals that patrons can utilize.

VI.           Patrons are asked to conform to the Library’s computer format.  For example, they should not add icons, change default pages, or attempt to run personal software or open personal files on the computer.  If a computer is not working properly, it should be brought to the Reference Librarian’s attention.

VII.         The Internet offers global access to many databases with few controls.  Users are advised to question the validity of the source and accuracy of Internet information.  At the same time, patrons are asked to avoid objectionable or disruptive materials that may be in violation of the Library’s Code of Conduct.


Adopted March 18, 1997

Revised November 20, 2001

Revised June 23, 2002