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Happening Now: Summer Reading! 

Our annual Summer Reading Program started on June 25 at the City Pier with our kickoff concert with Mayor Passero, and is continuing through the rest of the summer! To sign up, click here or go to plnl.readsquared.com or ask at the desk in the Teen Activity Room! To check the full list of programs this summer click here!


Special this Month

*First Monday of the Month: Anime Club – Although we usually host our Anime Club on the first Monday of the month, we won’t be having the club this July because it coincides with July 4th. We’ll see you for Anime Club on August 1st!

*Mondays July 7th and 21st: Teen Movie Night – On the second and fourth Mondays in July we’ll have a space for teens to hang out, watch popular movies, and have some snacks!

*EVERY Tuesday at 4PM starting July 5:  Dungeons and Dragons for Teens -We’ll be playing D&D games geared for teens every Tuesday starting in July! Don’t worry if you’re new, we can help you make characters, roll your stats, and even provide dice!

*EVERY Wednesday at 4PM:  Teen Wednesday:  Game On! -Every Wednesday we’ll have a selection of games, ranging from board/card games to video games on our projector system!

Some board games we have include:

Uno, Connect, Betrayal at the House on the Hill, Evolution, Munchkin

Video games include: Super Smash Bros Ultimate, Mario Cart, and 1,2 Switch!

*Thursdays July 7th and 21st: Teen Craft Thursday – On the first and third Tuesdays of June we’ll have a space for teens to hang out and make some crafts in a chill environment! July 7th we’ll be making LED paper lanterns and on the 21st we’ll make comic book coasters!

*July 14th and 28th at 4PM: Teen Baking Club – Join us on the second and fourth Thursdays of each month to bake at the library! We’ll have a wide variety of options to decide from so come with an appetite!

*Fridays starting July 8: Friday Teen Adventures! – Variety is the spice of life, so come by the Teen Activity Room every Friday this summer as we do a bunch of different projects and activities, from baking pizza to building competitions! For the full list of everything we’re doing, click here!




Take and Makes

*June 27th – July 9th : Teen Take and Make:  LED Paper Lanterns – Pick up teen take and make craft kits in the Teen Section of the Public Library of New London. Light up your room with a variety of colors with these little lanterns!

*July 13th – 25th : Teen Take and Make:  Comic Book Coasters – Pick up teen take and make craft kits in the Teen Section of the Public Library of New London. Use bits and pieces of old comic books to make a stylish coaster for whatever cold drinks you have this summer!


Have ideas for a Teen activity?  Email us or come in and let us know!

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