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Homework Help


Check out these great free resources!

A+ Math – an interactive math resource for teachers, parents and students to help them improve their math skills.

Bitsize Dance Mat Typing – learn how to touch type like an expert.

Book Collection – contains over 1300 non-fiction ebooks for elementary students to read about the subject of their choice.

Colonial History and Life – visit this page to experience life in early America.

FactMonster Homework Center – find homework help, study tips, science project ideas and more.

Khan Academy – offers practice exercises, instructional videos and a personalized learning dashboard that empower learners to study at their own pace in math, science, computer programming, history and more.

Kids Health – learn about having a healthy body and mind.

National Geographic for Kids – explore the world and how it works.

Pronunciator – all you need is a library card to sign up and learn a new language.

Popular Magazines – shares access to many favorite elementary school magazines such as National Geographic Kids, Calliope, Junior Scholastic, Spider, Time for Kids & much more!

Primary Search – search full-text articles from 80 of the most popular elementary school magazines.

The Quiz Hub – The Quiz Hub is a collection of matching quiz games designed to help
students learn vocabulary, geography, history, and science facts.

Science Buddies – find inspiration for a science project.

Science Kids – learn about the amazing world of science by enjoying fun science experiment, cool facts, online games, free activities and more.

Typing.com  – this free website will help you improve typing skills with typing games.

Chemical Engineering for kids follow this link to learn more about Chemical Engineering!

Free Apps

Find these in your App Store or Marketplace.

Eagle Eye Citizen – middle and high school students can solve and create interactive challenges about Congress, American history, civics and government.

Engaging Congress – a game that uses primary sources (photos, maps, and more) to explore the challenges of sustaining representative democracy in our complex and diverse nation.

KidCitizen – interactively explore congress and civic engagement through primary sources.

Lightbot: Code Hour – this problem-solving app introduces kids to coding by having them write code to help a robot move to safety.

Swift Playgrounds – kids can learn coding basics with fun and challenging puzzles.

Todo Math – helps children 6-8 years old learn to count, write numbers and introduces children to negative numbers.


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