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What is the Toy Library?

The Toy Library is just what it sounds like: toys and games you can check out with your library card to use in the library or to take home. The Toy Library is designed to improve the lives of children and to provide families with access to high quality toys and materials for play. The Toy Catalog provides the full list of toys and games offered and how the toys are beneficial to promote child development and play-based learning. A print version is available at the library; a digital version can be accessed here.


STEAM-to-GO Kits

STEAM-to-GO kits integrate high interest books with hands on STEAM resources to foster the development of critical thinking, problem solving, and creativity. Through age-centered activities, children can gain an understanding of science, technology, engineering, art, and math.
nspires creativity, engages all types of learners, promotes peer interaction through activities, encourages appreciation for the arts, helps prepare kids for school, develops critical approaches to learning and thinking, increases love for learning, and introduces various avenues of learning. A digital version of the catalog can be accessed here


How does it work?  Here are the rules:

•  Check out toys at the Children’s Desk if you are to use them at the library.
•  Check out toys at the Children’s Desk if you are to bring them home.
•  Toy library items should be returned to the Public Library of New London only.
•  Please bring toy library items back to the Public Library of New London Children’s Desk while the library is open.
•  Please do not drop toys off at the circulation desk where books are returned.
•  Please do not put toy library items in the book drop-box.
•  You can check out 2 toys at a time from the toy library. The library reserves the right to limit toy library item checkout at its discretion to ensure a reasonable number of toys are available for patrons at all times.
•  You can check out toy library items for 3 weeks, with no renewals.
•  Toy library items can only be checked out on an adult card or a child’s card if an adult is present. Children under the age of 18 are not allowed to check out toys by themselves.
•  You are responsible for bringing back toy library items with all of their pieces and in good condition.  You are responsible for any loss or damage costs associated with replacing missing/damaged toys and/or parts.


How did it come about?

The Toy Library is made possible by Diana Caty, Mary Dudiuk and a grant from the Community Foundation of Eastern Connecticut. The Toy Library is the brainchild of Diana and Mary, founders of the non-profit organization Traveling Toys Inc, designed to provide an array of items for children and families to enjoy for free through the library. With support from these generous sponsors we were able to purchase over 100 toys and games for library patrons to check out and use at home. Their goal is to provide children with exposure to different types of toys, games, and activities without the financial burden of families needing to continuously buy items as their children grow.


Why is having a toy library important?

Toys and play are the vehicles used to provide children with an understanding of and an ability to relate to the world around them. Toys support increased interactions within the family and the community as a whole. Additionally, buying and maintaining the variety of toys available in the toy library is not always achievable for the average family. Toys are another important learning resource, just like books, which the library is happy to provide for free to enrich the lives of its patrons.


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