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Fun & Games

Here are some links to fun educational sites!


Engineering Games & Projects Learn about different kinds of engineering jobs and play games to practice your skills.

Frontiers for Young Minds – Connecting curious minds to the experts and information that will motivate them to ask informed and critical questions about real science throughout their lives. Distinguished scientists write about their cutting-edge discoveries in a language that is accessible for young readers.

Blob Opera – Play four voices in cities around the world with the help of machine learning.

Google Arts & Culture PLAY – play with music & sound, see sites comes to life, puzzles, color famous masterpieces, play with your camera, piece art and culture back together.

NASA’s Space Place – crafts and games specifically designed to learn about our earth, the solar system, and the rest of the Universe!

National Geographic Kids – Watch videos, play games, and learn all about animals, nature, and the world.

Learning Planet – games, word searches, quizzes, activities, and much more fun.

Cool Math 4 Kids – Math games especially designed for fun.

KidzPage – Memory games, puzzles, mazes, math games, word games & more.

Starfall – Makes reading with phonics fun.

PBS Kids – Games featuring Curious George, Cat in the Hat, Clifford, Cookie Monster & more.

Sesame Street – games, art activities, videos, and songs with Elmo, Bert, Ernie, Big Bird, Cookie Monster & the Sesame street gang.

Youtube Channels: Featuring STEM activities and everything in between!
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