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The True Jesus

In this book, Limbaugh combines the four Gospel stories into a unified account and guides readers on a faith journey through the Four Evangelists’ testimonies of the life of Jesus Christ. Along the way, Limbaugh shares his insights on Jesus’ words and deeds as well as His unique nature as fully human and fully divine. In The True Jesus, you will learn: Why even the apostles failed to completely understand Jesus’ true identity and mission until after his crucifixion. Why Jesus selectively revealed His divinity instead of consistently proclaiming it. The real basis for the rejection of Jesus’ message by skeptics in His hometown and elsewhere. The historic events preceding Jesus’ birth that providentially paved the way for Christianity. How Jesus’ message utterly contradicted modern attempts to portray him as being non-judgmental. Who really is the true Jesus? Open this book and begin your odyssey toward the answer.

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