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Request a Meeting Room

You must read and agree to this policy before requesting a room.



The Public Library of New London makes its Community Rooms available for use by groups and organizations under the terms and conditions set forth below.


Subject to the conditions set forth in these regulations, the Community Room and the History/Genealogy Room (collectively the “Community Rooms”) may be used by groups or organizations intended for educational, recreational, cultural or civic involvement or improvement.  Attendance at such events must be free of charge.

Youth groups may use the Community Rooms, but only if the meeting or activity is attended by one adult (21 years of age or older) supervisor for each ten youths.  The adult supervisor shall sign the application for the use of the facilities and shall assume full responsibility for the entire group.  Such responsibility shall include complete supervision of the group from the time the first member arrives until the last members have left the premises.  The meeting will be canceled if an adult supervisor cannot be present.


Permission to use the Community Rooms shall be deemed granted only upon the written approval of the application by the Library Director.  An application for use must be on file before the group’s first meeting and will cover subsequent meetings as long as they are listed on the initial application.

Application must be made for use of the Community Rooms on forms available at the Library desk and on the Library’s web site, www.PLNL.org.  The application must be signed by a responsible person, at least 21 years of age, who thereby assumes full responsibility for any and all damage to the building, its facilities or equipment which may be incurred through usage by a particular group for which the application is made.

Groups shall notify the library immediately if they need to cancel their reservation.

Fees and Charges.

Occasional usage by not-for-profit groups will be free of charge. Such groups using the Rooms four or more times in one calendar year will be requested to make a donation in a reasonable amount to the Library or to join the Friends of the Library as an organization member at $100 per year.

Unusual circumstances requiring extended usage of the Community Rooms by not-for-profit groups may warrant the imposition of a rental fee, to be determined by the Library Director and agreed to in writing prior to usage of the Rooms.

All groups using the Community Rooms after hours will incur a custodial fee at the prevailing rate, and if Library maintenance personnel are required to clean the kitchen facilities or Community Rooms after group usage, a minimum $50 charge will be assessed.

Other than not-for-profit groups may use the Community Rooms for a fee to be determined by the Library Director and agreed to in writing prior to usage of the Rooms.


The Community Rooms are available for use by groups for any meetings or activities during regular library hours.  All persons must be out of the building by the regular closing time.  The Community Rooms may be used outside regular library hours only with the written permission of the Library Director and on such terms as the Library Director may impose in his or her sole discretion.

Availability of the Community Rooms will be on a first-come, first-served basis.  Groups shall not meet on a weekly basis.  Priority will be given to activities sponsored by the Library, the City of New London, or the Friends of the Library. The Library reserves the right to cancel or reschedule room usage based on unforeseen circumstances.

Maximum Occupancy

Maximum occupancy for the large Community Room is 80 persons and 15 persons in the History/Genealogy Room.  Groups expecting more than the maximum number of persons allowed shall be denied use of the rooms.

Prohibited Activities

No organization may use the Community Rooms for the promotion of any commercial interest or private or corporate gain.  No group may charge admission as a prerequisite for attendance at a meeting held in the Community Rooms.

The following activities are prohibited.  Any violation of these rules will result in the immediate expulsion from the Library and/or the revocation of the right to further use of the Community Rooms at the sole discretion of the Library Director.

Any activities that in any way interfere with or disturb regular Library routines.

  • Amplified sound (unless approved by the Library Director).
  • Smoking.
  • Possession, consumption, or sale of intoxicating beverages.
  • The sale of merchandise or services and the offering, exhibition, or display for sale of merchandise or services (unless approved by the Library Director).
  • Gambling in any form including bingo, casinos, the sale of raffle tickets, games of chance, and the like.
  • The practice of religious beliefs.

Rules of Usage

The Public Library of New London assumes no responsibility for property left on the premises.

The videotaping and/or broadcasting of programs and meetings is not allowed without prior written permission from the Library Director or his or her designee.

The Library cannot accommodate groups whose meetings are private or confidential in nature.

Publicity distributed by the group should not suggest that the program is being co-sponsored by the Library.

The responsible person must immediately report any damage to the building, furniture, or equipment caused by the group or its members or guests.  The person or persons causing the damage, the group, and the responsible person shall be jointly and severally liable for any such damage.

Kitchen facilities are available adjacent to the Community Rooms and are to be used only by groups that book the Community Rooms.  Light refreshments are permitted.  Cooking is not allowed but reheating food in the microwave oven is permitted. The Library will not provide coffee pots or supplies.  Organizations using the kitchen facilities are required to return the area to the condition in which they found it.  Groups using the Community Rooms shall dispose of garbage in the containers provided in the rooms.


Approved October 1978
Revised May 18, 1999
Revised October 16, 2001
Revised April 21, 2009
Revised February 23, 2010

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