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Thames Valley Sustainable Connections

720.47 BIO Biophilic design : the theory, science, and practice of bringing buildings to life
307 KRE Building communities from the inside out : a path toward finding and mobilizing a community’s assets Kretzmann, John P.
333.2 BAR Capitalism 3.0 : a guide to reclaiming the commons Barnes, Peter
902.02 GAL Children of the days : a calendar of human history Galeano, Eduardo
330.9173 JAC Cities and the wealth of nations : principles of economic life Jacobs, Jane
304.28 DIA Collapse : how societies choose to fail or succeed Diamond, Jared M.
307 BLO Community : the structure of belonging Block, Peter
332 GRA Debt : the first 5,000 years Graeber, David
306.3 MCK Deep economy : the wealth of communities and the durable future McKibben, Bill
304.2 MCK Eaarth : making a life on a tough new planet McKibben, Bill
307.77 DAW Ecovillages : new frontiers for sustainability Dawson, Jonathan
303.48 MCK Enough : staying human in an engineered age McKibben, Bill
338.973 SHU Going local : creating self-reliant communities in a global age Shuman, Michael
658.408 HAM Growing local value : how to build business partnerships that strengthen your community Hammel, Laury
631.585 ROB How-to hydroponics Roberto, Keith
613 POL In defense of food : an eater’s manifesto Pollan, Michael
332.67 TAS Inquiries into the nature of slow money : investing as if food, farms, and fertility mattered Tasch, Woody
332.6 SHU Local dollars, local sense : how to shift your money from Wall Street to Main Street and achieve real prosperity Shuman, Michael
332.6 COR Locavesting : the revolution in local investing and how to profit from it Cortese, Amy
307.1 WIL Making a place for community : local democracy in a global era Williamson, Thad
332.4 GRE Money : understanding and creating alternatives to legal tender Greco, Thomas H.
338.927 SCH Plenitude : the new economics of true wealth Schor, Juliet
330.153 GEO Progress and poverty : an inquiry into the cause of industrial depressions and of increase of want with increase of wealth … the remedy George, Henry
338.9 JAC Prosperity without growth : economics for a finite planet Jackson, Tim
303.3 HAR Rebel cities : from the right to the city to the urban revolution Harvey, David
641 COB Reclaiming our food Cobb, Tanya Denckla
330.1 SCH Small is beautiful : economics as if people mattered : 25 years later … with commentaries Schumacher, E. F.
307.3 MCK The abundant community : awakening the power of families and neighborhoods McKnight, John
338.7 BAK The corporation : the pathological pursuit of profit and power Bakan, Joel
307.76 JAC The death and life of great American cities Jacobs, Jane
330 JAC The economy of cities. Jacobs, Jane
658.4 SEN The fifth discipline : the art and practice of the learning organization Senge, Peter M.
658.4 FIF The Fifth discipline fieldbook : strategies and tools for building a learning organization
363.7 ELK The Gaia atlas of green economics Ekins, Paul
824 BER The gift of good land : further essays, cultural and agricultural Berry, Wendell
302.14 KOR The great turning : from empire to Earth community Korten, David C.
330.9 MEA The limits to growth : the 30-year update Meadows, Donella H.
330 JAC The nature of economies Jacobs, Jane
394.12 POL The omnivore’s dilemma : a natural history of four meals Pollan, Michael
333.823 HEI The party’s over : oil, war and the fate of industrial societies Heinberg, Richard
338.927 POS The post carbon reader : managing the 21st century’s sustainability crises
338.6 SHU The small-mart revolution : how local businesses are beating the global competition Shuman, Michael
338.1974 HEW The town that food saved : how one community found vitality in local food Hewitt, Ben
307.1 SPE Walkable city : how downtown can save America, one step at a time Speck, Jeff
330.1  BER What matters? : economics for a renewed commonwealth Berry, Wendell
330.973 DEG What’s the economy for, anyway? : why it’s time to stop chasing growth and start pursuing happiness De Graaf, John
2012/ WINTER Yes! (Bainbridge Island, Wash.);”Yes! : a journal of positive futures.”
2011/ WINTER Yes! (Bainbridge Island, Wash.);”Yes! : a journal of positive futures.”
2011/SPRING Yes! (Bainbridge Island, Wash.);”Yes! : a journal of positive futures.”
2012/SUMMER Yes! (Bainbridge Island, Wash.);”Yes! : a journal of positive futures.”
2013/SPRING Yes! (Bainbridge Island, Wash.);”Yes! : a journal of positive futures.”
2013/SUMMER Yes! (Bainbridge Island, Wash.);”Yes! : a journal of positive futures.”
2014/SUMMER Yes! (Bainbridge Island, Wash.);”Yes! : a journal of positive futures.”
304.2 MCL Zugunruhe : the inner migration to profound environmental change McLennan, Jason F.