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Updated 11.1.2021

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Title Author Price
The Santa Suit Andrews, Mary Kay $15
God Rest Ye, Royal Gentlemen Bowen, Rhys $15
Twisted Tea Christmas Childs, Laura $15
The Christmas Promise Evans, Richard Paul $15
Dear Santa Macomber, Debbie $15
Santa Cruise Michaels, Fern $15
Once in a Lifetime Monroe, Mary $15
Best in Snow Rosenfelt, David $15
An Irish Country Yuletide Taylor, Patrick $15


Title Author Price
No Words Cabot, Meg $15
An Impossible Promise Deveraux, Jude $15
Dark Tarot Feehan, Christine 15
The Unknown Graham, Heather $15
Beach Read Henry, Emily $10
The Heart Principle Hoang, Helen $15
The Party Crasher Kinsella, Sophie $15
The Wish Sparks, Nicholas $15
Complications Steel, Danielle $15
The Butler Steel, Danielle $15
The wolf Ward, J.R. $15

Science Fiction

Title Author Price
Neptune Bova, Ben $15
The last shadow Card, Orson Scott $15
Go tell the bees that I am gone Gabaldon, Diean $15
The Lady of Caladan Herbert, Brian $15
Project Hail Mary Weir, Andy $15
Lesser evil Zahn, Timothy $15


Title Author Price
Out of the rain Andrews, V.C. $15
Where the Truth Lies Bailey, Anna $15
The Husbands Baker, Chandler $15
Blind Tiger Brown, Sandra $15
Viral Cook, Robin $15
The Last Thing He Told Me Dave, Laura $15
Cul De Sac Fielding, Joy $15
Enemy at the Gates Flynn, Vince $15
We Are All the Same in the Dark Heaberlin, Julia $15
A Slow Fire Burning Hawkins, Paula $15
The Night She Disappeared Jewell, Lisa $15
Silverview Le Crre, John $15
Billy Summers King, Stephen $15
19 Yellow Moon Road Michaels, Fern $15
Fear no evil Patterson, James $15
The Sanatorium Pearse, Sarah $15
State of Terror Penny, Louise $15
Last Girl Ghosted Unger, Lisa $15
Class Act Woods, Stuart $15

Urban Fiction

Title Author Price
The Education of Nevada Duncan Weber, Carl $15

Adult Large Print

Title Author Price
Hopeless Romantic Adair, Marina $15
The Push Audrain, Ashley $10
Anxious People Backman, Fredrik $15
The Women of Troy Barker, Pat $10
Blind Tiger Brown, Sandra $15
How to Make an Apple Pie from Scratch Cliff, Harry $10
For Your Own Good Downing, Samantha $15
What Strange Paradise El Akkad, Omar $10
The Guide Heller, Peter $10
Extra Life Johnson, Steven $10
Billy Summers King, Stephen $15
Dusk, Night, Dawn Lamott, Anne $10
It’s Better This Way Macomber, Debbie $10
Honor Bound Mcgrath, Amy $10
Alpha Philipps, David $10
Madhouse at the End of the Earth Sancton, Julian $10
Complications Steel, Danielle $10
When Harry Met Minnie Teichner, Martha $15
By the Light of Burning Dreams Talbot, David $10
Project Hail Mary Weir, Andy $10
The Plague Year Wright, Lawrence $10
Crying in H Mart Zauner, Michelle $10

Adult Graphic Novel

Title Author Price
The Best We Could Do Bui, Thi $15
Parable of the Sower Butler, Octavia E. $15
Factory Summers Delisle, Guy $15
Artemisia Ferlut, Nathalie $15
Crisis Zone Hanselmann, Simon $10
Good Night, Hem Jason $15
V for Vendetta Moore, Alan $10
Bubble Morris, Jordan $15
Seek You Radtke, Kristen $15
Blade Runner Origins 1 Perkins, K. $10


Title Author Price
Draw Your Day Baker, Samantha Dion $10
Out of Many, One Bush, George W. $15
Image Control Nathan, Patrick $15


Title Author Price
The Man I Knew Becker, Jean $15
The Anthropocene Reviewed Green, John $15
Blind Man’s Bluff Hill, James Tate $15
Here All Along Hurwitz, Sarah $15
Over It Jones, Lolo $15
This Is What America Looks Like Omar, Ilhan $15
A Carnival of Snackery Sedaris, David $15
House of Sticks Tran, Ly $15
Trejo Trejo, Danny $15
Made in China Qu, Anna $15


Title Author Price
The War on Wheels Mccurry, Justin $15
Beautiful Country Wang, Qian Julie $15


Title Author Price
Let’s Make Dumplings! Amano, Hugh $10
Jew-ish Cohen, Jake $15
Food Between Friends Ferguson, Jesse Tyler $15
Everyone’s Table Gourdet, Gregory $15
Nadiya Bakes Hussain, Nadiya $15
My Shanghai Liu, Betty $15
Bress ‘n’ Nyam Raiford, Matthew $15
Rodney Scott’s World of BBQ Scott, Rodney $15
Once Upon a Chef segal jennifer $15
The New York Times Cooking No-Recipe Recipes Sifton, Sam $10
Simply Julia Turshen, Julia $15
Rice Twitty, Michael W. $15
We Are What We Eat Waters, Alice $15


Title Author Price
The Atlas of Disappearing Places Conklin, Christina $15
Paradise Johnson, Lizzie $15
How to Love Animals Mance, Henry $15

Social Justice

Title Author Price
On Juneteenth Gordon-Reed, Annette $15
We Had a Little Real Estate Problem Nesteroff, Kliph $15
All Made Up Nudson, Rae $15
The 2000s Made me Gay Perry, Grace $10
On Violence and On Violence Against Women Rose, Jacqueline $15


Title Author Price
Get Good With Money Aliche, Tiffany $15
An Ugly Truth Frenkel, Sheera $15
The Debt Trap Mitchell, Josh $15

True Crime

Title Author Price
The Suspect Alexander, Kent $15
The Irish Assassins Kavanagh, Julie $15


Title Author Price
Presumed Guilty Chemerinsky, Erwin $15
The Appalachian Trail D’anieri, Philip $15
The Bomber Mafia Gladwell, Malcolm $15
Surviving Southampton Holden, Vanessa M. $10
Americanon Mchugh, Jess $15
How the Word is Passed Smith, Clint $15


Title Author Price
Book Finds Ellis, Ian C. $10


Title Author Price
Long Players Gatti, Tom $15
In The Heights: Finding Home Miranda Miranda, Lin $15
The Collected Works of Jim Morrison Morrison, Jim $15


Title Author Price
Cribsheet Oster, Emily $10


Title Author Price
I Alone Can Fix It Leonnig, Carol $15
Carry on Lewis, John $15
The Storm Is Upon Us Rothschild, Mike $15
Indentured Students Shermer, Elizabeth Tandy $15


Title Author Price
The Mission Brown, David W. $15
Life on the Line Goldbert, Emma $15
Under a White Sky Kolbert, Elizabeth $15
The Quiet Zone Kurczy, Stephen $15
The Premonition Lewis, Michael $15
Until Proven Safe Manaugh, Geoff $15
The Ascent of Information Scharf, Caleb $15
Brainscapes Schwarzlose, Rebecca $15
The Plague Year Wright, Lawrence $15


Title Author Price
The Deadline Effect Cox, Christopher $15
Dedicated Davis, Pete $15
How to Do the Work Lepera, Dr. Nicole $15
What Happened to You? Perry, Bruce D., M.D., Ph.D. $15





Breathing Fire Lowe, Jaime $15
Dirty Work Press, Eyal $15


Title Author Price
The Most Fun Thing Beachy, Kyle $15
Breathe Gracie, Rickson $15
Win at All Costs Hart, Matt $15
26 Marathons Keflezighi, Meb $10
The History of the Olympic Games Olympic Foundation for Culture and Heritage $15

Adult Non-Profit Resource Center

Title Author Price
Dare to Lead Brown, Brene $15
The Progress Principle Amabile, Teresa $15


Title Author Price
The Reading List Adams, Sara Nisha $15
Anxious People Backman, Fredrik $10
Whiplash Dailey, Janet $15
Good behaviour Keane, Molly $15
Breath Oates, Joyce Carol $15
The Paper Palace Heller, Miranda Cowley $15
The Beginning Lewis, Beverly $15
Beautiful World, Where Are You Rooney, Sally $15
Oh William! Strout, Elizabeth $15


Title Author Price
Child of Light Brooks, Terry $15
The Sentence Erdrich, Louise $15
A Terrible Fall of Angels Hamilton, Laurell K. $15
The Book of Magic Hoffman, Alice $15
The brides of Maracoor Maguire, Gregory $15
The Becoming Roberts, Nora $15
Starlight Enclave Salvatore, R.A. $15
Words of Radiance Sanderson, Brandon $15
Oathbringer Sanderson, Brandon $15

Historical Fiction

Title Author Price
Sharpe’s assassin: Richard Sharpe and the occupation of Paris, 1815 Cornwell, Bernard $15
Cloud Cuckoo Land Doerr, Anthony $15
Crossroads Franzen, Jonathan $15
Velvet Was the Night Moreno-Garcia, Silvia $15
Flying Angels Steel, Danielle $15
The Magician Tóibín, Colm $15
The Elephant of Belfast Walsh, S. Kirk $15
Harlem Shuffle Whitehead, Colson $15
The Dictionary of Lost Words Williams, Pip $15


Title Author Price
The Noise Patterson, James $15
The Strange Case of Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde Stevenson, Robert Louis $10


Title Author Price
While Justice Sleeps Abrams, Stacey $15
Over My Dead Body Archer, Jeffrey $15
China Roses Bannister, Jo $15
An Untidy Death Brett, Simon $15
Claws for Alarm Brown, Rita Mae $15
Another Kind of Eden Burke, James Lee $15
The Heron’s Cry Cleeves, Ann $15
The Dark Hours Connelly, Michael $15
Vortex Coulter, Catherine $15
The Judge’s List Grisham, John $15
High Stakes Johansen, iris $15
Daughter of the Morning Star Johnson, Craig $15
The Burning Kellerman, Jonathan $15
Someone we know Lapena, Shari $15
Robert B. Parker’s Stone’s Throw Lupica, Mike $15
The Joy and Light Bus Company McCall Smith, Alexander $15
Once There Were Wolves McConaghy, Charlotte $15
1979 McDermid, Val $15
The Dark Remains McIlvanney, William $15
Apples Never Fall Moriarty, Liane $15
The Jealousy Man and Other Stories Nesbo, Jo $15
The Jailhouse Lawyer Patterson, James $15
2 Sisters Detective Agency Patterson, James $15
The Madness of Crowds Penny, Louise $15
A Christmas Legacy Perry, Anne $15
A Darker Reality Perry, Anne $15
The left-handed twin Perry, Thomas $15
Bloodless Preston, Douglas $15
Forgotten in Death Robb, J. D. $15
Foul Play Woods, Stuart $15

Spanish Adult

Title  Author Price
Salamandra Abad, José $10
Elegías a la patria Akhtar, Ayad $10
La Casa Minimalista Becker, Joshua $10
Manual de Maquillaje de Ojos Brown, Bobbi $10
No llores por un beso Clark, Mary Higgins $10
El Alquimista Coelho, Paulo $10
Don Quijote de la Mancha de Cervantes, Miguel $10
Verde Desplechin, Marie $10
Indomable Doyle, Glennon $10
Nuestra Parte De Noche Enríquez, Mariana $10
El vuelo de la libelula Iturgaiz, Ana $10
Arsène Lupin, caballero ladrón Leblanc, Maurice $10
Arsène Lupin contra Sherlock Holmes Leblanc, Maurice $10
Arsène Lupin y la aguja hueca Leblanc, Maurice $10
La doble vida de Arsène Lupin Leblanc, Maurice $10
Los tres crímenes de Arsène Lupin Leblanc, Maurice $10
El Fantasma de la Opera Leroux, Gaston $10
Crochet Moderno:  Accesorios y proyectos para el hogar Mills, Molla $10
Inglés + 13 Monnier, Nolwena $10
El libro de la cosmética natural Navarro, Claudina $10
Abril descubre el mar y los helados de fresa Pardo, Diana $10
El Mundo POS-COVID Ubieto, José Ramón $10
La Mujer Que Sabe Guardar Secretos Vavilova, Elena $10
Un Dano Irreparable Ximenez Fyvie, Laurie Ann $10

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