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Updated 10/18/2023


Title  Author Price
Bright lights, big Christmas: a novel Andrews, Mary Kay $25
Losing Spring Andrews, V.C. $25
The Long Game Armas, Elena $15
Normal Rules Don’t Apply Atkinson, Kate $25
Bunny Awad, Mona $15
When Women Were Dragons Barnhill, Kelly $25
Big Swiss Beagin, Jen $15
The First Ladies Benedict, Marie $25
Temple Folk Bilal, Aaliyah $25
Ascension Binge, Nicholas $25
The Paris Assignment Bowen, Rhys $25
The Collected Regrets of Clover Brammer, Mikki $25
Little Monsters Brodeur, Adrienne $25
The Minuscule Mansion of Myra Malone Burges, Audrey $15
Enchanted to Meet You Cabot, Meg $25
Save What’s Left Castellano, Elizabeth $25
Birnam Wood Catton, Eleanor $25
A Small Sacrifice For An Enormous Chakrabarti, Jai $25
Canary Girls Chiaverini, Jennifer $25
Sea Change Chung, Gina $15
The Guest Cline, Emma $25
The Nature Book Comitta, Tom $15
Forbidden Notebook De Cespedes, Alba $25
Dark Memory Feehan, Christine $25
Nothing Special Flattery, Nicole $25
Code Red: A Mitch Rapp Novel Flynn, Vince and Mills, Kyle $25
The armor of light Follett, Ken $25
Djinn Falls in Love and Other Stories Gaiman, Neil, et al. $15
Factory Girls Gallen, Michelle $15
The Spy Coast Gerritsen, Tess $25
The Spy Coast Gerritsen, Tess $25
Iron Curtain Goldsworthy, Vesna $25
The Exchange: After the Firm Grisham, John $25
After the Funeral and Other Stories Hadley, Tessa $25
The Making of Another Motion Picture Masterpiece Hanks, Tom $25
Happy Place Henry, Emily $25
D’Vaughn and Kris Plan a Wedding Higgins, Chencia C $15
The Second Ending Hoffman, Michelle $15
The God of Endings Holland, Jacqueline $25
It Ends With Us Hoover, Colleen $15
Hungry Ghosts Hosein, Kevin Jared $25
Summer on Sag Harbor Hostin, Sunny $25
New Adult Janovsky, Timothy $15
What Happened to Ruthy Ramirez Jiminez, Claire $25
Dead Eleven Juliano, Jimmy $25
Wild Things Kay, Laura $15
The Salt Grows Heavy Khaw, Cassandra $25
Holly King, Stephen $25
Holly King, Stephen $25
The burnout: a novel Kinsella, Sophie $25
Roman stories Lahiri, Jhumpa $25
The Heirloom Lewis, Beverly $25
White Cat, Black Dog Link, Kelly $25
Paper Names Luo, Susie $25
The Very Secret Society of Irregular Witches Mandanna, Sangu $15
You, Bleeding Childhood Mari, Michele, trans. By Moore, Brian Robert $15
Absolution McDermott, Alice $25
The Sun Walks Down McFarlane, Fiona $25
The Book Proposal Micciche, KJ $15
Santa & Company Michaels, Fern $25
Disruptions: Stories Millhauser, Steven $25
Christmas in Painted Pony Miller, Linda Lael $20
Same Time Next Summer Monaghan, Annabel $15
Touched: A novel Mosley, Walter $25
The Night House Nesbo, Jo $25
Our Missing Hearts Ng, Celeste $25
The Mostly True Story of Tanner & Louise Oakley, Colleen $25
The September House Orlando, Carissa $25
12 months to live Patterson, James and Mike Lupica $25
23 1/2 Lies Patterson, James, et al. $25
The Gloom Between Stars Piper, CJ $15
Daisy Jones & the Six Reid, Taylor Jenkins $15
One True Loves Reid, Taylor Jenkins $15
The House in the Pines Reyes, Anna $25
Hope Ridker, Andrew $25
Tribute Roberts, Nora $13
Bad Summer People Rosenblum, Emma $25
The Wishing Game Shaffer, Meg $25
River Sing Me Home Shearer, Eleanor $25
Independence Square Smith, Martin Cruz $25
The Fraud Smith, Zadie $25
Beyond That, the Sea Spence-Ash, Laura $25
Happiness Steel, Danielle $25
Second Act: a novel Steel, Danielle $25
Hit Parade of Tears Suzuki, Izumi $15
Banyan Moon Thai, Thao $25
Where Ivy Dares to Grow Thompson, Marielle $15
The Puzzle Master Trussoni, Danielle $25
Christmas Presents Unger, Lisa $24
Retrospective Vasquez, Juan Gabriel, trans. By Anne McLean $25
The Covenant of Water Verghese, Abraham $25
The Breakaway Weiner, Jennifer $25
Mister Magic White, Kiersten $25
Crook Manifesto Whitehead, Colson $25
The Twelve Dogs of Christmas Wiggs, Susan $25
Users Winnette, Colin $25
Burn the Negative Winning, Josh $25
Obsession Woods, Stuart $25
Holding Pattern Xie, Jenny $25
Y/N Yi, Esther $25
My Stupid Intentions Zannoni, Bernardorans $15


Title Author Price
All The Dead Shall Weep Harris, Charlaine $25
Princess of Dune Herbert, Brian $25
Yumi and the Nightmare Painter Sanderson, Brandon $25
The witch of Maracoor: a novel Maguire, Gregory $25
Harrow The Ninth Muir, Tamsyn $25
Nona The Ninth Muir, Tamsyn $25
Lolth’s Warrior Salvatore, RA $25
Shadow of Self Sanderson, Brandon $15
A Darker Shade of Magic Schwab, Victoria $15
A Day of Fallen Night Shannon, Samantha $25
Darius Ward, J.R. $25


Title Author Price
Traitors Gate Archer, Jeffrey $25
Dead on Target Beaton, MC with Green, RW $25
Blotto, Twinks and the Conquistadors’ gold Brett, Simon $25
Lost & Hound Brown, Rita Mae $25
Jack Reacher, The Secret Child, Lee $25
Honey Drop Dead Childs, Laura $25
The Raging Storm Cleeves, Anna $25
All the Sinners Bleed Cosby, SA $25
Blood lines: a novel DeMille, Nelson $25
Dirty Thirty Evanovich, Janet $25
Good Bad Girl Feeney, Alice $25
The running grave Galbraith, Robert $25
Dark Corners Goldin, Megan $25
The Bones of the Story Goodman, Carol $25
Cursed at Dawn Graham, Heather $25
The Late Mrs. Willoughby Gray, Claudia $15
Hercule Poirot’s Silent Night Christie, Agatha $25
Blessing of the Lost Girls Jance, JA $25
Now You See Us Jaswal, Balli Kaur $25
None of This is True Jewell, Lisa $25
The Longmire Defense Johnson, Craig $25
Everyone Here is Lying Lapena, Shari $25
Brooklyn Crime Novel Lethem, Jonathan $25
The Quarry Lourey, Jess $15
From a Far and Lovely Country McCall Smith, Alexander  $25
The Housemaid Mcfadden, Freida $15
The Housemaid’s Secret Mcfadden, Freida $15
Rock Bottom Michaels, Fern $25
The Quiet Tenant Michallon, Clemance $25
Silver Nitrate Moreno-Garcia, Silvia $25
Lion & Lamb Patterson, James $25
Gone Tonight Pekkanen, Sarah $25
The Traitor Among Us Perry, Anne $25
Dead Mountain Preston, Douglas and Child, Lincoln $25
Payback in Death Robb, JD $25
The Perfect Marriage Rose, Jeneva $15
‘Twas the bite before Christmas Rosenfelt, David $25
After That Night Slaughter, Karin $25
The Discreet Charm of the Big Bad Wolf McCallSmith, Alexander $25
City Under One Roof Yamashita, Iris $25


Title  Author Price
The Stranger in the Lifeboat Albom, Mitch $25
Tom Clancy Weapons Grade Bentley, Don $25
Before We Were Innocent Berman, Ella $25
No Plan B (Jack Reacher) Child, Lee $15
The Guest Cline, Emma $15
Trust Diaz, Hernan $15
The Neighbor Favor Forest, Kristina $25
Maame George, Jessica $25
Happy Place Henry, Emily $25
The Five-Star Weekend Hilderbrand, Elin $25
Too Late Hoover, Colleen $20
Too Late Hoover, Colleen $20
Pineapple Street Jackson, Jenny $15
The Half Moon Keane, Mary Beth $25
Do Tell Lynch, Lindsey $15
Nora Goes Off Script Monoghan, Annabel $25
I Am Homeless if This is Not My Home Moore, Lorre $15
Homecoming Morton, Kate $25
Hello Beautiful Napolitano, Ann $15
Tom Lake Patchett, Ann $15
The Celebrants Rowley, Steven $25
Happiness Steel, Danielle $15
Crook Manifesto Whitehead, Colson $15


Title Author Price
The Nazi Conspiracy Meltzer, Brad $25
Spare Prince Harry $25


Title Author Price
Losing Music Cotter, John $25
King: A Life Eig, Jonathan $25
Dyscalculia Felix, Camonghne $25
Paris Hilton, Paris $25
Rough Sleepers Kidder, Tracy $25
My Friend Anne Frank Pick-Goslar, Hannah $25
Chita: A Memoir Rivera, Chita $25
Stash Robbins, Laura Catchart $25
An Atomic Love Story: The Extraordinary Women in Robert Oppenheimer’s Life Streshinsky, Shirley $15
When the World Didn’t End Turner, Guinevere $25


Title Author Price
Power and Progress Acemoglu, Daron $25
Working With AI Davenport, Thomas H $25
Encyclopedia of Herbal Medicine DK Publishing $25
Random Acts of Medicine Jena, Anupam B. $25
Locked in Time Lomax, David $25
Out There: The Science Behind Sci-Fi Film and TV Waldeman, Ariel $25


Title Author Price
Monkey King: Journey to the West Che’eng, Wu $15
No Longer Human Dazai, Osamu, $25
The Invisible Hour Hoffman, Alice $25
Couplets Milner, Maggie $25


Title Author Price
Nothing Like It in the World Ambrose, Stephen E. $15
The Art Thief Finkel, Michael $25
The Wager Grann, David $25
Connecticut Inventors and Innovators Hubbard, Peter $25
The Loom of Time Kaplan, Robert D $25
Black Folk Kelley, Blair LM $25
The Beatles O’Neill, Terry $25
A Few Days Full of Trouble Parker, Wheeler $25
Dinner With the President Prud’Homme, Alex $25
After the Romanovs Rappaport, Helen $15
Road to Surrender Thomas, Evan $25


Title Author Price
Dear Digital, We Need to Talk Goodwin, Kristy $15
Take Your Own Advice Marsh, Jeffrey $15
Set Boundaries, Find Peace Tawwab, Nedra Glover $25


Title Author Price
Got Your Number Greenberg, Mike $25
The Right Call Jenkins, Sally $25
Why We Love Baseball Posnanski, Joe $25


Title Author Price
The Everlasting Meal Cookbook Adler, Tamar $25
The LEGO Architect Alphin, Tom $25
Easy Cricut Crafts George, Cori $25
But Have You Read the Book? Lopez, Kristin $25
Tenderheart McKinnon, Hetty Liu $25
How to Garden When You Rent Pottage, Matthew $25
Rewild Your Garden Tophill, Frances $25
Rebel Gardening Vitale, Alessandro $25
A Greener Life Wallington, Jack $25
Joe Wicks’ Feel Good Food Wicks, Joe $25


Title Author Price
The Third Door Banayan, Alex $25
The Diary of a CEO Bartlett, Steve $25
Nonprofit Management All-In-One For Dummies For Dummies $25
Fall in Love With the Problem, Not the Solution Levine, Uri $25
The Wisdom of the Bullfrog McRaven, William H $25
7 Rules of Power Pfeffer, Jeffrey $25
Smart Brevity Vandhei, Jim $25
Future Ready Woerner, Stephanie L $25


Title Author Price
Ducks Beaton, Kate $25
The He-Man Effect: How American Toymakers Sold You Your Childhood Brown, Brian $25
Boys Weekend Lubchansky, Mattie $25

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Updated 10/18/2023