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Book Discussion Group Change in Policy

The Public Library of New London is happy to help book groups have access to the books needed for your meetings.  In order to be able to help you better, we have made some changes to the policy.  Please read the changes and let us know if you have any questions.

*  Book Requests must be done at least 2 weeks ahead of time.   They can be done in person, by phone or online 

  •  We will try our very best to make sure all the books are here when needed but please remember that books are coming from different libraries all over the state.  There might be times when books will take longer, depending on the situation.
  • New books and popular books, including those for upcoming movies, are harder to get so keep that in mind when choosing the books for your next book club.
  •  If you make a book request and do not hear from us in the next couple of days, either by phone or email, please call or email again to make sure that the request was received.


*  Books will be checked out directly to patron’s library cards.  We will no longer check them out to the book club.

  • You must have a valid library card from a Connecticut public library.
    • If your card is not from New London, please make sure you have your library card, not the key card, with a valid expiration date and your state ID or driver’s license.  You will only need this so that we can put your information into our system.  The next time, you are welcome to use your key card or library card. 
      • If you make changes to your library card, (new expiration date, new card), please let us know.  We need to add/change that information into our system.
      • Your due date will be 3-4 days after your book club meeting, unless notified otherwise.  You are responsible for making sure that the book you borrow is returned to the library.
        • If you borrow a book for another member, the book will be checked out to you and you will be responsible if the book is lost or damaged. 


Maritza Vargas
Head of Circulation & ILL

860-447-1411 X6