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Picture Books: GROWING GREEN

Learning thru Stories – GROW GREEN

JE Barry                  Mr. Willowby’s Christmas Tree.

JE Base                     Uno’s Garden.

JE Bass                     Herb, the Vegetarian Dragon.

JE Baylor                 Everybody Needs a Rock.

JEPB Berenstain   The Berenstain Bears Don’t Pollute (Anymore).

JEPB Blume             When the World Was Green.

JE Brown                 The Old Tree.

JEPB Bunting          Ducky.

JE Burton                The Little House.

JE Caduto                Riparia’s River.

JE Carle                    10 Little Rubber Ducks.

JE Cherry                The Dragon and the Unicorn.

JE Cherry                The Great Kapock Tree: A Tale of the Amazon Rain Forest.

JE Cherry                The Sea, the Storm, and the Mangrove Tree.

JE Cherry                The Shaman’s Apprentice: A Tale of the Amazon Rain Rorest.

JE Child                    We Are Extremely Very Good Recyclers.

JE Cole                     On Meadow Street.

JE Cooney               Miss Rumphius.

JEPB Crelin             There Once Was A Sky Full of Stars.

JEPB Deedy             Agatha’s Feather Bed: Not Just Another Wild Goose Story.

JE DePalma              A Grand Old Tree.

JEPB Disney             Every Day on Earth.

JE Fife                        The Empty Lot.

JE, JEPB Fleming    Where Once There Was a Wood.

JEPB Gifford              Red Fox on the Move.

JE Hoose                    Hey Little Ant.

SPJEPB Hoose          Oye, hormiguita.

JE Jackson                Earth Mother.

JE Javernick             What If Everybody Did That?

JE Johnson               Henry Builds a Cabin.

JE Johnson               Henry Hikes to Fitchburg.

JE Johnson               Henry Works.

JE Johnson               Henry’s Night.

JE Karas                     On Earth.

JE, JBM Kellogg      The Island of the Slog. (JBM copy has a CD)

JE Kooser                  Bag in the Wind.

JEPB   Leedy            The Great Trash Bash.

JE Lin                        The Ugly Vegetables.

JEPB Lionni              On My Beach There Are Many Pebbles.

JE Madden                The Wartville Wizard.

JEPB Manson           The Tree In the Wood.

JEPB   Mason           Inside All.

JEPB Mayer              It’s Earth Day!

JE McCarthy            A Closer Look.

JE Meyrick               Gracie, the Public Gardens Duck.

JE Middleton          Nibbles: A Green Tale.

JE Nivola                 The Forest.

JE Oldland               The Big Bear Hug.

JE Oldland               The Busy Beaver.

JE Peet                      Farewell to Shady Glen.

JE Peet                      The Gnats of Knotty Pine.

JE Peet                      The Kweeks of Kookatumdee.

JE, JEPB Peet          The Wump World.

JE Pfister                   Milo and the Magic Stones.

JEPB   Ryder            Earthdance.

JEPB   Ryder            The Waterfall’s Gift.

JE Robey                   The Hare and the Big Green Lawn.

JE Rockwell              Backyard Bear.

JEPB Romanova      Once There Was a Tree.

JE Schaefer               An Island Grows.

JE Seuss                     The Lorax.

SPJE Seuss                El Lorax.

JE Siddals                Compost Stew: An A to Z Recipe for the Earth.

JE Smith                  Grandpa Green.

JE Steiner                The Bear Who Wanted to Be a Bear.

JE Stewart               The Gardener.

JEPB   Udry             A Tree Is Nice.

JE Van Allsburg     Just a Dream.

JBM VanZandt       River Song. [book with CD]

JE Wallace               Recycle Every Day!

JE Ward                    The Tin Forest.

JE Wells                   Forest of Dreams.

JE Willis                   Bog Baby.

 JE Wong                  Dumpster Diver


Grow Green Stories on the NonFiction Shelves

 J333.91 Sayres          The Shape of Betts Meadow: A Wetlands Story.

J333.72 Getz              Think Green!

J363.7 Bethel              Michael Recycle.

J398.2 Gilman             Something from Nothing.

J398.2 MacDonald      Slop: A Welch Folktale.

J974.4 Cherry             A River Ran Wild.