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Code of Conduct

Public Library of New London


The Public Library of New London will maintain an environment that is attractive, comfortable, and conducive to learning, enjoyment and a free exchange of ideas.

To meet those ends the Library prohibits:

I.      Physically or verbally abusive behavior.

II.      Sleeping in the library.

III.     Loud voices or disruptive behavior, including loitering or inappropriate sexual behavior.

IV.     Usage of cellular/digital telephones in the library.

V.     Destruction or defacing of library property and/or the property of patrons.  Incidents will be handled at the discretion of the library commensurate with the amount of damage.  Minors found damaging property will have their guardians contacted.  Police will be notified when extensive damage occurs.

VI.     Smoking on Library grounds.

VII.  Food or beverages in any part of the library.

VIII. Usage of rest room for unconventional purposes.  Bathing, shampooing, and the washing of laundry are strictly prohibited.  Use of rest rooms is limited to one person at a time with the exception of a parent or guardian accompanying children, or persons with disabilities.

IX.     Patrons entering nonpublic library areas unless specifically asked and escorted by Library staff.

X.      Leaving children under eight years of age unattended in the library without adult supervision.

XI.     Patrons bringing large bags or containers inside the library.  Patron’s property must fit inside a 13-gallon bag.


Persons who fail to comply with this code will be asked to leave the library.
Police will be notified if necessary.


Adopted October 25, 1994
Revised May 15, 2001
Revised February 17, 2004
Revised March 19, 2013