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March: Book One

March book CoverAuthors: John Lewis, Andrew Aydin, and Nate Powell

YA Non-fiction Graphic Novel

Review by: Akeem Francillon



The book I read is about a man named John Lewis and how he dealt with segregation in his life. The book starts off with John Lewis preparing to go to a meeting but he gets stopped by two young boys and their mom who have a question about his life. The question takes you back in time and he starts to explain how growing up he had an obsession with chickens that were on his parents farm and one day his mom read the bible to him and from that day on he started to preach to his chickens every night then one day he hurt his chickens. After his parents sold the chickens, he took an interest in preaching to people and his journey begins from there.


What I liked about the book is that is really shows how inspiration is born and it tells you a lot about how African American people dealt with racism and how when they went to diners that wouldn’t serve them they then had non violent protests. Then it showed the lesson that violence only breeds more violence. John Lewis is currently one of our senators and this is a part of his life story. I would strongly recommend this book as it is an interested way to learn history.