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Updated 9/3/2019

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DVD 613.71 FIV 5 Day Fit Chi
DVD 613.7 TEN 10 Minute Solution Yoga
DVD 796.7 TWE 12 O’clock Boys
DVD 782.42 TWE 20 Feet From Stardom
DVD 791.43 BRO 100 Years Of The Latino Image In Hollywood Cinema
DVD 326.8092 ABO The Abolitionists
DVD 929.209 AFR African American Lives
DVD 613.718 AGE Ageless With Kathy Smith : Staying Strong
DVD 613.7 AGE Ageless With Kathy Smith : Total Body Turnaround
DVD 956.7044 ALI Alive Day Memories : Home From Iraq
DVD 550 AMA Amazing Earth Collection
DVD 623 AMA Amazing War Machines
DVD 323.0922 FRE American Experience : Freedom Riders
DVD 419.7 AME American Sign Language : Vocabulary Builder Vol 1
DVD 419.7 AME American Sign Language : Vocabulary Builder Vol 2
DVD 813.54 ANG Angels & Demons Decoded
DVD 932 ANI Animal Mummies
DVD 919.8904 ANT Antarctica : A Year On Ice
DVD 971.9 ARC Arctic Oasis : Canada’s Southampton Island
DVD 708.148 ART The Art Of The Steal
DVD 155.937 AT At A Loss For Words : How To Help Those You Care For In A Miscarriage, Stillbirth Or Newborn Death Experience
DVD 364.66 AT At The Death House Door
DVD 363.35 ATO The Atomic Café : The Archives Project
DVD 305.232 BAB Babies
DVD 708.148 BAR The Barnes Collection
DVD 920.72 GRE The Beales Of Grey Gardens
DVD 638.1 BEE Bee People
DVD 613.7046  BEF Befit Yoga : 10-Minute Daily Yoga Fix Featuring Rainbeau Mars.
DVD 618.24 BEI Being Dad
DVD 658.15 BEN The Benevon Model : Creating Sustainable Funding For Your Nonprofit
DVD 155.937 BEY Beyond Death’s Door : Help For The Grieving Process After Someone You Love Has Died
DVD 779.092 BIL Bill Cunningham New York
DVD 629.133 BLA Black Sky : Winning The X-Prize
DVD 613.7 BOL Bollywood Boogie Workout
DVD 613.7 BOL Bollywood Dance Blast
DVD 613.7 BOL The Bollywood Dance Workout With Hemalayaa A Yoga
DVD 613.7 BOL Bollywood Party Workout
DVD 306.09 BOM Bombay Beach
DVD 306.74 BOR Born Into Brothels
DVD 591 BOR Born To Be Wild
DVD 306.45 BOT The Botany Of Desire
DVD 974.6 DEP Brewster’s Neck : Memories Of Norwich State Hospital
DVD 636.1  BUC Buck Sundance Selects
DVD 722 BUI Building Wonders
DVD 302.34 BUL Bully
DVD 629.1309 CEN A Century Of Flight : 100 Years Of Aviation
DVD 355.4 CEN Century Of Warfare
DVD 551.5 CHA Chasing Ice
DVD 967.6104 CHI The Children’s War : Life In Northern Uganda
DVD 792.2 CHR Chris Rock : Bigger & Blacker
DVD 791.3 CIR Cirque Du Soleil : World’s Away
DVD 323.092 CIT Citizen King
DVD 327.12 CIT Citizenfour Radius
DVD 973.7 CIV The Civil War : American Documentaries, Inc.
DVD 305.8687 CLA A Class Apart : A Mexican American Civil Rights Story
DVD 363.259 COL Cold Case Files : The Most Infamous Cases
DVD 973.922 COL Cold Case : JFK
DVD 362.2881 CRI Crisis Hotline : Veterans Press 1
DVD 362.2 CRY A Cry For Help : How To Help A Friend Who Is Depressed Or Suicidal
DVD 591.96 CUTE Cute & Cuddly Critters : Wild Animals Of Africa
DVD 613.7 DAN Dancing With The Stars : Dance Off The Pounds
DVD 613.7 DAN Dancing With The Stars : Fat-Burning Cardio Dance
DVD 792.7028 DAV Dave Chappelle’s Block Party
DVD 627.72 DEE Deepsea Challenge
DVD 796.8155 DIS Discover Tai Chi For Balance & Mobility
DVD 914.4  DIS Discovering France
DVD 914.5 DIS Discovering Italy
DVD 363.728 DIV Dive!
DVD 791.4302 DON Don’t You Forget About Me
DVD 616.86 DRU Drugged : Marijuana, Cocaine, And Ecstasy / National Geographic
DVD 978.032 DUS The Dust Bowl
DVD 637.5 EGG Eggs 101 : A Video Project
DVD 914.63 SKY El Cielo Gira : The Sky Turns
DVD 929.2 FAC Faces Of America With Henry Louis Gates, Jr.
DVD 306.76 FAG Fagbug
DVD 796.357 FAI Faith Rewarded : The Historic Season Of The 2004 Boston Red Sox
DVD 613.71 FAT Fat Burning Pilates
DVD 796.8 FIL Films Of Fury : The Kung Fu Movie Movie
DVD 613.71 FIR The Firm Body Sculpting System 2 : Calorie Killer
DVD 613.7 FIT Fit In A Flash
DVD 338.1 FOO Food, Inc.
DVD 155.9  FOO Footprints On Our Hearts : How To Cope After A Miscarriage, Stillbirth Or Newborn Death
DVD 355.0089 FOR For Love Of Liberty : The Story Of America’s Black Patriots
DVD 363.25 FOR Forensics On Trial
DVD 330 FRE Freakonomics : The Movie
DVD 781.63 FRO From Mambo To Hip Hop : A South Bronx Tale
DVD 577.0998 FRO Frozen Planet
DVD 333.82 FUE Fuel : Change Your Fuel…Change Your World
DVD 782.42 FUN Fun With The Fab Four
DVD 940.54 GAR Garbo The Spy
DVD 622.18 GAS Gasland : Part II
DVD 305.262 GET Get Real! : Wise Women Speak
DVD 973.7  GET Gettysburg
DVD 973.734 GET Gettysburg : The Boys In Blue And Gray
DVD 133.1 GHO Ghost Lab : Pursuit Of The Paranormal
DVD 212.7 GOD God Of Wonders : Exploring The Wonders Of Creation, Conscience, And The Glory Of God
DVD 303.4 GUN Guns, Germs, And Steel
DVD 958.104 HELL Hell And Back Again
DVD 941 HER A Heritage Of British Monarchy : A Chronicle Of History : Romance And Scandals
DVD 813.54 HEY Hey, Boo Harper Lee & To Kill A Mockingbird
DVD 904 HIS History’s Mysteries
DVD 978.1047 HOR The Hornet’s Nest
DVD 346.7303 HOT Hot Coffee : Is Justice Being Served?
DVD 720.9 HOW How Much Does Your Building Weigh, Mr. Foster?
DVD 371.782 HUN Hunting Ground
DVD 170 I AM I Am
DVD 394.26 IAM I Am Santa Claus
DVD 363.7387 INC An Inconvenient Sequel : Truth To Power
DVD 363.738 INC An Inconvenient Truth  : A Global Warning
DVD 363.7 INS Inside The Garbage Of The World : The Ugly Truth About Plastic Pollution
DVD 684.1 INS Installing Kitchen Cabinets And Countertops
DVD 639.2 INT Into The Deep America, Whaling & The World
DVD 613.71 JAN Jane Fonda Prime Time : Fit & Strong
DVD 792.7028 JEF Jeff Dunham : Arguing With Myself
DVD 973.922 JFK JFK Remembered : 50 Years Later
DVD 613.7 JIL Jillian Michaels : Banish Fat, Boost Metabolism
DVD 796.357 JOR Jordan Rides The Bus
DVD 342.73 KEY Key Constitutional Concepts
DVD 303.483 KOY Koyaanisqatsi : Life Out Of Balance
DVD 781.6409 LAT Latin Music USA
DVD 613.7176 WAL Leslie Sansone’s Walk Slim : 4 Fast Miles!
DVD 639.2 LEV Leviathan
DVD 599.773 LIV Living With Wolves
DVD 796.48 LON London 2012 Highlights : Games Of The XXX Olympiad
DVD 371.01 LOT The Lottery
DVD 613.7 LOV Love Yourself And Win : Six Steps To Self-Esteem & Permanent  Weight Loss
DVD 791.45 MAN The Manners Of Downton Abbey
DVD 598.441 MAR The March Of The Penguins
DVD 323.1196 MAR The March : The Story Of The Greatest March In American History
DVD 591.7 MAS Masters Of The Arctic Ice NIGHT, Inc.
DVD 945.51 MED The Medici : Godfathers Of Renaissance
DVD 158.1 MED Meditation For Beginners With Maritza
DVD 646.77 MEE Meet The Patels
DVD 920.073 MEN The Men Who Built America
DVD 796.522 MER Meru
DVD 795.3 MIL Millions : A Lottery Story
DVD 636.08 MIN Mine
DVD 917.471 EMP Modern Marvels : Architectural Wonders
DVD 959.704 MOS The Most Dangerous Man In America : Daniel Ellsberg And The Pentagon Papers
DVD 968.9105 MUG Mugabe And The White African
DVD 956.7044 MUS Muse Of Fire
DVD 759 MYS Mystery Of A Masterpiece : The Forensics Of Fine Art
DVD 629.41 NAS NASA Unexplained Files
DVD 359.984 NAV Navy Seals
DVD 974.65 NEW New London History Series #1 The Connecticut Colony And The Pequot War – With Sally Ryan
DVD 974.65  NEW New London History Series #2 New London’s Early Years, 1646-1775 – With Sally Ryan
DVD 974.65 NEW New London History Series #3 Revolutionary War – With Sally Ryan
DVD 974.65 NEW New London History Series #4 Whaling, 1820-1860 – With Sally Ryan
DVD 974.65 NEW New London History Series #5 Railroads – With Sally Ryan
DVD 974.65 NEW New London History Series #6 Hurricane, 1938  With Sally Ryan.
DVD 796.332 NFL (V. 3) NFL Greatest Follies : Volume Three – NFL Network
DVD 973.931 NIN Nine Eleven
DVD 796.75 NIT Nitro Circus : The Movie
DVD 759.13 ONC Once Upon A Time In Old Lyme : The Story Of An American Art Colony
DVD 362.25 ONE One Last Bet
DVD 342.73 OUR Our Constitution : A Conversation
DVD 363.738 OUT Out Of Balance : Exxonmobil’s Impact On Climate Change
DVD 978.02 OUT Outlaws & Gunslingers : 5 Part Documentary Series
DVD 071 PAG Page One : Inside The New York Times
DVD 616.85 PAI The Pain Of Depression : A Journey Through The Darkness
DVD 781.66 PEA Pearl Jam
DVD 616.7149 PER Personal Training : Create Your Own Customized Workout – With Chris Freytag
DVD 333.95 PLA Planet Earth : The Complete Series
DVD 330.092 POW The Power Of Choice : The Life & Ideas Of Milton Friedman
DVD 613.712  POW Power Workout
DVD 577.27 PRO Project Earth
DVD 613.7148 QI Qi Gong For Self-Healing
DVD 638.15 QUE Queen Of The Sun : What Are The Bees Telling Us?
DVD 332.024 QUE The Queen Of Versailles
DVD 613.7 QUI Quick Start Yoga : Fast Efficient Workouts 20 Minutes Or Less
DVD 932.014 RAM Rameses : Wrath Of God Or Man?
DVD 948.02 REA The Real Vikings Collection History
DVD 797.32 RID Riding Giants
DVD 203.8 SAM Samsara
DVD 236.24 SEA The Search For Heaven
DVD 158.1 SEC The Secret
DVD 942.2 SEC Secrets Of Highclere Castle – PBS
DVD 910.45 SEC Secrets Of The Titanic – The National Geographic Society
DVD 796.72 SEN Senna
DVD 306.89 SHA Shattered Dreams : Healing After Divorce
DVD 362.1 SIC Sicko
DVD 613.7 SIM Simply Pilates
DVD 361.7 SMA A Small Act
DVD 980.04 SOU South Of The Border
DVD 629.4 SPA Space Flight Collection
DVD 387.2 SS UNI SS United States : Lady In Waiting
DVD 797.32 STE Step Into Liquid
DVD 306.85 STO Stories We Tell
DVD 363.28 STO The Story Of The Coast Guard
DVD 613.71 STR Stretch, Flex & Tone
DVD 951.506 SUN The Sun Behind The Clouds :  Tibet’s Struggle For Freedom
DVD 796.332 SUP Super Bowl XXXVIII Champions New England Patriots
DVD 526.9 SUR The Surveyors : Charting America’s Course
DVD 332.024 SUZ Suze Orman’s Financial Solutions For You
DVD 658.11 TEN Ten9eight : Shoot For The Moon
DVD 693.3 TIL Tiling Walls With Michael Byrne
DVD 910.91 TIT Titanic’s Final Mystery
DVD 599.786 TO To The Arctic
DVD 781.64 TOM Tom Dowd & The Language Of Music
DVD 363.3492 TRO Trouble The Water
DVD 597.928 TUR Turtle : The Incredible Journey
DVD 616.92 UND Under Our Skin
DVD 940.54 VIC Victory At Sea
DVD 623.74 VIC Victory By Air : A History Of The Aerial Assault Vehicle
DVD 370.973 WAI Waiting For  Superman
DVD 613.7 WAL Walk At Home : Fast & Firm! 4 Really Big Miles
DVD 613.7 WAL Walk At Home : Walk Your Belly Flat 3 Mile Walk
DVD 613.17 WAL Walk Away Pounds Express : 2 In 1
DVD 940.54 WAR The War : American Lives II
DVD 940.544  WAR Warbirds Of World War II : Wings To Victory
DVD 342.73 WE We The People : The U.S. Constitution And You
DVD 372.4 WHA What Parents Can Do K-1 : Raising A Reader 2-3
DVD 155.937 WHE When A Loved One Dies : Walking Through Grief As A Teenager
DVD 972.94 WHE When The Drum Is Beating
DVD 970.01 WHE When Worlds Collide : The Untold Story Of The Americas After Columbus
DVD 362.63 WHE When Your Parent Needs You : A Guide To Positive Growth When Caring For Aging Parents
DVD 303.4 WHE Where To Invade Next
DVD 822.33 WHY Why Shakespeare?
DVD 597.3 WHY Why Sharks Attack
DVD 395.2 WIL William & Kate : Planning A Royal Wedding
DVD 658.85 WIN Winnebago Man
DVD 613.71 WOM Women’s Health : Perfect Body Workout With Amy Dixon
DVD 973.931 WTC WTC The First 24 Hours : 9.11.2001
DVD 940.54 WWII WWII In Color : Volumes 1 & 2 The End Of WWII
DVD 940.53 WWII WWII Remembered : A Complete History
DVD 500 YEA The Year In Science : 2014
DVD 613.7 YOG Yoga Class
DVD 613.704 YOG Yoga Journal : Yoga For Total Back Care
DVD 613.7 YOG Yoga : Power Within
DVD 611 YOU Your Inner Fish
DVD 636.7 YOU Your New Dog And You : A Beginner’s Guide To Dog Care & Training

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