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Zinio FAQ

What is Zinio?
Zinio provides access to popular magazines.  Zinio’s digital platform recreates each issue of a magazine page-for-page, including full-color pictures. You “turn” pages by clicking. You can search for keywords in articles. There will also be access to interactive media elements such as audio and video. You view Zinio magazines on a computer via a web browser or via an app.

What do I need to use Zinio through the Public Library of New London?
You need a valid Public Library of New London card, an email address, and an internet-enabled device on which to read the magazine.

What apps are available?

The Zinio reader will download automatically to your PC or Mac, or you can use a mobile device.

Zinio Apps are available for the following devices:
iPhone, iPad, Android, Kindle Fire and Blackberry Playbook.

How do I get started using Zinio to read magazines?
Zinio is easy to use. You will need to create 2 accounts.
The first account gives you access to the magazine titles for which the Library has paid a subscription; the second is your personal account which enables you to read and manage issues of the magazines you have chosen from the library’s list.  You will be asked to create the second account when you make your first magazine selection. We suggest you use the same email/password as for the first account.

How do I select a magazine?

Connect to the library’s Zinio account using your browser, NOT the app.

Log in with your email address and password.
Click on a magazine to place it in your Zinio account.
A new window will open asking you to create a Zinio personal account.
Type your email address and password to create your Zinio account. We recommend that you use the same email and password for both accounts. If you already have an account, click “sign in here” and sign in to your account. The magazine you selected will be in your personal Zinio account. Click on it to start reading.

Can I choose more than one magazine at a time?

Yes, follow the instructions above to place a magazine in your Zinio account.

Click on the tab “Return to Library Collection.”
Click on another magazine.
The window with your Zinio account will open with the new magazine included.
Continue to click “Return to Library Collection” as often as you like to select a magazine.
Go to your Zinio account to read them.

How long can I keep the magazine(s)?

There is no checkout period–you get to keep it as long as you like.  When you are done reading you may delete the issue if you choose. 

What if someone else has the issue I want to read?

There is no limit to the number of users who can “check out” a magazine at one time.  Just remember to access Zinio from the Public Library of New London’s website to assure free access when you are adding more titles to your account.

Can I read a Zinio magazine offline?

Yes, if you are using Zinio on a portable device using an app.
Open the Zinio app on your mobile device and select a magazine to download.
When the download is complete you can read that magazine offline.
Only magazines that have been downloaded through the app can be read offline.

Can I print an article from a magazine I’m reading with Zinio?

Yes, printing is available on Zinio using a computer. Printing is not available from a mobile device.

The available print options are determined by the publisher. Some publishers do not allow printing of any pages. To print:
Connect to your Zinio account using a computer.
Click on My Library then select a magazine.
Go to the page you wish to print.
Click the Print icon in the bottom left corner.
Click the print option that is available.

Can I use Zinio from home?

Yes. Visit the library’s Zinio page. When you click on it, you will be prompted to enter your Public Library of New London’s library card. After that, you will login in to your Zinio account with the username and password you chose when you created your account.

How do I “unsubscribe” from a Zinio magazine?
To unsubscribe from a magazine and stop receiving notices about new issues you must remove all issues of the magazine from your Zinio account. To do this:
Connect to your Zinio account from a computer.
Log in and click My Library.
Click the dropdown arrow in the View box to select the title of the subscription you wish to cancel.
Click the Edit button near the top of the screen.
Click the Remove button under each issue.