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Student Application

Teachers can help their students obtain a library card through the school.  It easy!

How do I obtain cards for my students?

Library cards are free to New London residents but require parent’s signatures.  If you are planning a class visit and would like your students to receive their library cards during their visit, prior arrangements must be made.

Prior to your visit, you will be required to:

  • Obtain applications for the students.
  • Have a competed application for each student, signed by a parent or legal guardian.
  • Verify student information and sign application.
  • Return completed applications to the library with a student roster that includes the child’s complete name, address and phone number.

Please Note:  Library cards for students will not be processed the day of your visit.

Q & A


The student does not live in New London, but attends a New London School.  Is s/he eligible to receive a library card?

No.  Students must live in New London to be eligible.  They must visit the library in the town they live in and get a library card there.  The student will be able to use his/her card at the Public Library of New London or any public library in the state of Connecticut.  S/he must have his/her library card with them in order to borrow library materials or use the computers in our library.

The student had a library card before.  Can s/he get a new card?

When s/he visits the library with his/her teacher, the student will be able to get a replacement card only if all books borrowed have been returned and/or any replacement fees have been paid.  The library will waive any fines the student has and the card replacement fee the first time we replace the library card.  Parents/guardians are responsible for any fines incurred on the card after that.


The student lost a book they borrowed from the library.  What do they need to do?

If the student lost materials borrowed from the library, parents are responsible for the replacement fee before s/he can get a replacement card.  If the book belongs to the Public Library of New London, they can visit the library to pay the fee or talk to us about an alternative way to replace the book.  If the book belongs to another library, they can write a check to the owning library and we will send it that library or you can visit or send it to the library yourself.  The account must be completely cleared of any replacement fee before we can replace the card.


Can the student use the computer while visiting the library?

Yes.  However, since the library does not provide filtered internet access, parents/teachers assume responsibility to limit or allow student’s use of the computer at the library.

The Public Library of New London Children’s Room policy is that a child must have his/her card with them in order to use the computer.  Children are not allowed to use a guest pass at any time.

I have more questions, who do I contact?

You can contact the Public Library of New London Circulation Desk at 860.447.1411 x6 for more information.