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Free with your library card!

Check out all the things you can do with your library card for free!  This is a growing list, so come back to see what else we have added!  Have ideas we don’t have here yet?  Email us and let us know.

  1. Learn a new language with Pronunciator
  2. Learn a new computer program.
  3. Search for a bestseller to check out.
  4. Use the WiFi or a public computer
  5. Catch up on current events by browsing News Week, Time Magazine, or Bloomberg Business Week
  6. Introduce your grandchildren to the library
  7. Find home school resources and participate in home school activities
  8. Help children learn a love of reading by participating in our 1000 Books Before Kindergarten program
  9. Children can learn how to play the violin
  10. Children can get a snack and participate in an after school program
  11. Families can enjoy a fun
  12. Use the computers to fill out your taxes or pick up the available forms.
  13. Search the millions of items in the online catalog
  14. Renew items online, by phone, or in-person
  15. Renew items by sending a text using Shoutbomb
  16. Use reliable, kid-friendly resources to do homework
  17. Check out the latest DVDs
  18. Volunteer
  19. Learn about New London
  20. Participate in the One Book One Region program
  21. Get help from the ultimate search engine – a librarian
  22. Download eBooks, eAudiobooks from anywhere with Overdrive
  23. Join a book discussion group
  24. Learn creative ways you can interest your toddler in books
  25. Buy a Public Library of New London Tee Shirt as a fundraiser and to show support for the library
  26. Make photocopies or print from one of our computers or wirelessly from your laptop
  27. Print from your phone or tablet and pay online with Princh
  28.  Borrow a Museum Pass to get a reduced rate or free admission on your next outing
  29. Attend an interesting lecture by a local historian
  30. Join the Friends of the Library
  31. Bring your child to Storytime and meet other parents
  32. Read every issue of The Day that has been written
  33. Check your investments
  34. Take an introductory computer class
  35. Trace your family tree
  36. Find mysteries, science fiction, romances, and westerns to enjoy
  37. Play board games after school at the Teen Activity Room
  38. Learn how to help your child gain early literacy skills
  39. Get help with your resume to find a job or change your career
  40. Find potty training tips and advice
  41. Pick up recommended reading lists for children, teens, and adults
  42. Receive weekly email updates to see what’s happening at your library
  43. Join a community knitting group
  44. Shape up with an exercise video
  45. Read the latest medical research reports online
  46. Learn to identify the birds in your backyard
  47. Study in a (relatively) quiet place
  48. Use Library resources to start a small business
  49. Update your Facebook page
  50. Check out books in large print for easier reading
  51. Check out your favorite graphic novel
  52. Learn how to navigate the Internet
  53. Reserve a meeting room for your nonprofit group
  54. Look up how much that Roy Rogers lunch box is worth
  55. Attend an interesting lecture or creative workshop
  56. Be inspired by new ideas for redecorating your house
  57. Learn how to prepare your preschooler for success in school
  58. Consult consumer guides to help decide which insurance, tablet, computer, car, or washing machine to buy
  59. Check out a new or old television series
  60. Get picture books for storytelling at home
  61. Research a term paper
  62. Schedule a Library tour tailored to your group or class
  63. Open an email account
  64. Bring your family to watch a free movie
  65. Find your car’s value in our up-to-date Kelly Blue Books
  66. Find a new recipe
  67. Share online resources and databases with your students
  68. Enroll your child in the summer reading program
  69. Check out the latest fashion magazine
  70. Cool off in air-conditioned comfort on a hot summer day
  71. Be warm in the winter months
  72. Read a local newspaper
  73. Apply for jobs online
  74. Find out about social service programs
  75. Publicize a nonprofit organization on the bulletin board
  76. Learn how to plant, care for, and preserve vegetables and fruits from your garden
  77. Look up the phone number of a long lost friend
  78. Participate in Adult Summer Reading and enter to win prizes
  79. Have your documents notarized
  80. Learn how to take care of your new pet
  81. Donate your used books
  82. Reserve (hold) books that will help you plan a vacation
  83. Sign up for ESL classes
  84. Get help with obtaining citizenship
  85. Keep kids entertained with audiobooks during car trips
  86. Be notified by email when the library materials you’ve requested arrive
  87. Learn Word and Excel
  88. Stay in touch with family far away through email
  89. Read minutes from past City Council Meetings
  90. Find out about local community organizations
  91. Order materials from other libraries and pick them up locally – right here in New London
  92. Drop off materials for other Connecticut libraries at the Public Library of New London
  93. Come hear an author speak about his or her latest book
  94. Borrow the New London History Series with Sally Ryan on DVD
  95. “Like” us on Facebook
  96. Follow us on Twitter
  97. Pin us on Pinterest
  98. Follow us on Instagram